Sunday, April 22, 2007

Another Sunday in April

Driving in the morning has been smooth lately, thanks to Al Khor or 'Business Bay Crossing' new bridge. I managed to clock 45 minutes from wheels start to wheels stop (yes, I had a meeting with VP of fire brigade of JAFZA and learned few terms along the way, that's I love about the new roles)

The frantic developments in Dubai in recent years have opened a lot of new business opportunities and from rags to riches stories (esp in raffles). Dubai is a place of happenings and growing like never seen before, except maybe in China.

For instance, Palm Jabel Ali, twice of palm Jumeirah is also growing exponentially, even before the construction starts, now the expected population is exceeding 220,000!
Reviewing the latest masterplan, I could see a city in the making and glad I'm one of the planners!