Saturday, May 12, 2007

May 13 and Me

I have a sketchy memory of May 13. I was still a kid back then. I remember there was army patrolling in my kampung, Kuala Rompin and we were not allowed to play outside. That was all I could recollect all these years.
I had read and listened to many versions of what was transpired during the so-called darkest hours of our history. Mostly of course, the government or umno's versions. Nevertheless, these were human tragedies due to differences between two major races.
Over the years, my curiosity of what really happened grew with my age. However, the same versions kept me coming back for more stories. The stories somehow mixed with myths. Urban legends potraying heroic strunggle againts the other villains. I might have been influenced and biased after being fed with the same version or perception if not the truth of May 13.
One of the great names, Tun Abdul Razak was MP for my constituency (Rompin was a part of Pekan) and he was also the one who putting the house in order during the emergency period.
I still have a great respect to Tun Abdul Razak. Once he was visiting my kampung and I followed his troop with my bicycle to the jetty, where he was then leaving to Tioman by boat. That was the closest moment, face-to-face with the then PM of Malaysia and I cherish that moment till now. He was a cool dude. Or could I have been deceived by his stature and image?
New research and study on May 13 would reveal more details of chronological sequence of the bloody tragedies. What we were fed as history could be no longer the de facto story of May 13. New facts and records would open new doors out of the darkest hours.

Are we ready for the truth?

An article in Malaysiakini does give new perpectives on May 13!
These something to ponder and learn from the tragedies, one of them is, history sometimes repeats itself. What we have to do to avoid the history repeats itself?
The answers are for our generation to know the history with open mind, learn through the past mistakes with better view on the future. Now, we need to lead the next generation with a better government (transperancy, justice, freedom of speech), proud heritage irrespective of races and protecting religously our natural resources, especially human capital. Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Orang Asli, Murut, Bidayuh etc are our greatest assets which could make and break our nation. We do need each other in various ways and we just need to communicate with more honesty to understand each other's challenges.

Otherwise, we still have the same old stories to tell, the same corrupted politicians to misrule our days, same continuous predicaments with Malaysia Boleh just another unworthy slogan for rethoric wastes.
Look around us and beyond, we need to be united to compete with other nations in global market!