Sunday, June 03, 2007

June on the scale.

The searing heat is already unbearable. Outdoor activities to be curtailed drastically. It is predicted that the summer temperature to be hotter than last year, 2 to 3 celcius more.
My office is on the beach side and the arabian gulf looks foggy. The palm island's reclamation works are still on progress advancingly and only about 20 percent more to go. We are preparing to start construction works in the next several months.

There is no looking back. I used to watching the palm jumeirah grow into a full scale development. There is nothing yet on the palm jabel ali, but time will tell another amazing story.
Another amazing story, when I checked my weight at the club today, the scale showed 87.6. A tremendous weight loss from 92 kg three months ago. A BIG LOSER indeed!
No looking back, I just need to further work hard on both challenges, palm island project and battle with own weight!