Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lessons Learned

It was an interesting workshop held recently with presentations by four senior managers of my company.

The fast growing company, (which had about 20 something staff when I joined in 2002 and now already over 1,500 staff as well as billions worth of development projects) has gone through a lot of pains to reach another level of achievements.

Of course, there are a couple of failures due to improper plan coupled with human errors.

I am proud to be a part of this phenomenal success albeit some reservations on certain things. But that's life and we keep moving on to face challenges and learn through the ups and downs.

It is not a smooth sailing to survive in rat race world. Projects involved a lot of coordinations and human interactions.

The workshop was about learning through some bad experiences in managing mega projects with open mind and honesty. Nobody is perfect and nothing's wrong to admit that we made mistakes, both profesisonally and personally.

Some bad judgements costed the company millions in loss and of course, some jobs. People come and go but the company needs to survive while balancing the bottom line with a grand vision of HH Sheikh Mohamed to realise.

Somehow, the off-the-workshop encounter that really made me looking deep into my own consciousness.

There was a colleague, an emirati lady who shot at me with a frank comment of my attitude. Yes, I am a bad person in relationship as I have not been comfortable with some friends. We were in the same division until last January and were a bit close to share our work and personal thingies.

She was really upset that I did not make an effort to contact her after leaving the division, not even a hello and how are you kind of contacts. She had assisted me a lot as well during some turbalance period.

She did not mince her words and I just had to admit that she was right.

I am BAD.

We conciliated and moved on. I learned another lesson on personal basis, do not take things for granted and always remember that good friends are hard to come by, therefore, no excuse since it is only a call away to keep a good relationship.

(The emirati lady adalah ibu mertua pengerusi syarikat and a very humble, friendly lady of high stature from a well-known family)