Sunday, January 27, 2008

The World's Most Expensive Number Plate?

There is a great rivalry between two emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The former being the runner or leader in almost every thing that BIGGEST, TALLEST, etc while the latter, being richer and capital city of UAE, is now catching up the race to outdo each other.

There is now a buzz about getting into Guinness Book of Records for the world's most expensive number plate to be auctioned on 16th February, Abu Dhabi 1.

The current holder is Abu Dhabi 5, fetched at Dh25.2 million.

Talal Khouri with current world most expensive plate - Abu Dhabi 5

A reporter scribed:

Number plates in the UAE bestow upon their owners their present rank in society - Ruler: number 1; immediate family: single digits; senior government officials: two digits; private company CEOs: three digits; journalists: 5698724.

Small wonder then that they attract such extraordinary value. The status of being labelled one of the top 200 individuals in the UAE is worth a great deal in UAE society and business.

But can it really be worth Dhs25 million or more? Surely a small proportion of this price can be put down as a business expense. The rest is pure vanity.

We have similar budaya in Malaysia about number plates and status.
Single digits mean higher status and more wealth.
Of course more power to show off around.

But as for some Pahang politicians as well as other UMNO/BN politicians, they do not fork the money out from their pockets to get that number plate status, mostly by using public or state funds and the plate could be bestowed to them upon retirement as gifts.

I have no idea on Malaysia's most expensive plate number, from googling, something like TAN fetched RM200,000 in 2006. Of course, in Malaysia with so many states and other special plates such as Proton, Perodua, NAZA, Sukom etc, most of the good plate numbers could be sold to elites without auctions.
However in UAE there is a trend to auction these expensive numbers for charity cause.
Last year, the highest bid in Dubai was Dh3.12 million for Dubai E-15.

The list:-

E-15 emerged the most expensive at Dh 3.12 million which had a reserve price of Dh 270,000.
F-30 at Dh 2.20 million with a reserve price of Dh 270,000.
F-80 at Dh 1.69 million with a reserve price of Dh 270,000.
F-70 at Dh 1.68 million with a reserve price of Dh 270,000.
E-21 at Dh 1.75 million with a reserve price of Dh 250,000.
E-31 at Dh 1.60 million with a reserve price of Dh 250,000.

For most of us, keep dreaming.....yes, one day.