Saturday, March 08, 2008

Terima Kasih Rakyat Malaysia!

Suara keramat
kini bergegar
gemuruh yang merebah
satu demi satu
pertahanan tempang
keangkuhan dinasti

Terima kasih
rakyat Malaysia
kita mulakan era baru
memperkasakan negara
ke persada global!

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A friend, ARD, emailed this message.

Just to warn you and other BN supporters that there are 4 dubious characters who took the trouble to buy imitation ink from Thailand to create havoc and sabotage BN’s plan in this election.

Just watch out for any suspicious looking character who asks for direction and then may smear ink on you finger as you point the direction, or anyone who asks you to dip your finger into a tin can or bottle, or anyone who comes up to you with a sob story that he needs to apply for a million ringgit loan and all he needs is a guarantor and your thumb print.

Do not fall for this ploy, this is just to disqualify you from voting and will cause BN to lose.

To really safeguard against any of this happening, may I suggest that BN supply a pair of ink proof gloves to all BN voters, I know a company call SCREWMI who could supply millions of these gloves upon a very short notice, but it will cost ye!