Thursday, May 29, 2008

Born Today 29 May

King Charles II
I must say the Senator's victory in Wisconsin was a triumph for democracy. It proves that a millionaire has just as good a chance as anyone else." Leslie Townes Hope
"You know nothing for sure...except the fact that you know nothing for sure."
John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Not "The Middle Rock" But "The Middle Finger"

We lost, so what? It is only a small island not bigger than a footbal field.

The Foreign Minister said, the ICJ decision was 'win-win' situation for two neighbouring and friendly countries which were once united under a same Agong and rukunegara.

Singapore was awarded officially the Big Rock which is also known as Padra Branca. Malaysia 'won' by being awarded the Middle Rock. Well, it could be 'the Middle Finger' from Singapore to us!

A friend wrote that the O N L Y reason we could lose this case is because of the sheer, utter and complete incompetence of our defence team. Each member of the team should be sacked (and I would add public flogging if I have my way), or charged for treason which wouldn’t be far off either.

Yes, check the Singaporean team out and compare to our team (who are they, one is son of the current AG). Expose them for their sheer, utter and complete incompetence!

The loss is bigger in terms of maruah especially for UMNO goons who are still high on ketuanan. Who gave away Singapore at the first place? And now even the former PM of Malaysia and former president of UMNO accuses that the current regime under his successor is selling away Iskandar Malaysia to Singaporeans. He may be right.

Someone wrote somewhere (I do not know the writer) which is worth reading.

1) The loss of Pulau Batu Puteh (PBP)
The loss of PBP is like raising the white flag in any conflict. But it is not an end yet when the financial loss in bringing up this ICJ case is substantial especially the loser may have to be held responsible for this debacle. How much did the costs add up on both sides of the tip of the Peninsula Malaysia? Likely to be up to half a billion Ringgit - down the drain again.
Kapal Singh was accusing the Government of the ill advice to go in to win back the PBP. I would say the illegitimate Government was 'sleeping' over the whole episode as it had not done its homework and relying on emotion. Was it the strategy of the island state to get even with 1965's event and Malaysia was trapped finally with the finality of the decision of ICJ? The illegitimate Government and its advisers would not listen to whistle blowers on any issues and that is on the way of the white flag for the nation - a backlash of ill treating Sabah.

2) Ligitan and Sipadan could be the impetus to go ICJ for PBP.

I think the win of Ligitan & Sipadan case with Indonesia could have inspired the stupid national leaders to go on with PBP. L&S was won on the active administrative effort on the islands by the Sabah's Government for a long time while Indonesia just remain passive although L&S are in the global line for Indonesia. So if we assess the grounds of winning L&S, how can we ever win back PBP? Now the stupid leaders are moaning for what - win- win scenario? Malaysia is only worth fishing rights over Middle Rock islands while Singapore got the pearl of the region and that is a surrender phenomenon.

3) What is the committee to resolve ICJ's decision on PBP?

Now a new committee is to be formed to resolve the decision of ICJ. Was such a similar joint committee done prior to the case going to ICJ? Who are now holding on the straw? May be it is the start of conflict post ICJ's decision as a way to divert attention in drama of the loss.

4) The South Ledge Island
Why did not the ICJ give a specific or clearer decision on that South Ledge Island? Who had over looked that and the vague result happens? Would there be another expensive case when Indonesia can bring Singapore and Malaysia to ICJ?
Could South Ledge Island be claimable by Indonesia and since Indonesia was not a
party to this trial, the decision was vague? Unlike the intervention by Philippines on L&S, Indonesia did not doing anything on South Ledge Island - maybe the hurts on L&S was too much for it. Since Indonesia was not a party to this '3 islands' case, ICJ would not rule on South Ledge hence held in suspense.

5) What is next?
There are still a few islands to be disputed such as Spratly Islands and the Ambalat. What is Malaysia going to do about that? Both these groups of Islands are very near to Sabah, hence Sabah must do something about this and not wait for the others to sit on them.