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Anwar, Khalid, Husam Thrilled Dubai Crowd

Tan Sri Khalid, DS Anwar, me and Husam
(Pix by Nik Rahman)

Three current top leaders with three different backgrounds, aura, charisma, charms and styles were there in my living hall last night. The crowd of Malaysian expatriates filled up almost every inch of the a bit bigger than badminton court size room (I am hopeless with sq meter).
More were outside listening through the window.
Final count, at least 150 Malaysian expatriates (as well Egyptian, Australians, Bosnians) from diverse backgrounds and ages braved the Thursday nite and Dubai never-ending traffic jam to reach my villa. I was busy directing those who asking direction on the phone while trying to listen to these leaders.
The faces brought the beautiful rays of Malaysian hopes.
A day earlier, I conveyed a message to Anwar through his former lawyer who accompanied him for the trip, Saiful on the intention to invite him along with TS Khalid for a function at my house (originally slotted for Husam alone). The reply was positive.
Then when Anwar and Khalid arrived, I forced myself to be at the hotel lobby by 5 am in the morning to confirm their attendance.
Then again after meeting them (I brought two friends, a local billionaire who is interested to invest in Malaysia and a well-connected Bosnian who later linked Anwar to Dr Mustapha Ceric on his blackberry) later at the hotel room, both pledged that they would definitely be at my house.
Husam's attendance was earlier confirmed by Hasnol.
All of them arrived on time as per scheduled....that's something good to start with!
The mild-temperature summer night was a non-stop photography session....hey, these are superstars in our political world!

Photos are here

And another write-up from Bakpo.
Bersama Pemimpin ...
June 12th, 2008Dubai.
Malaysians in UAE have an opportunity to meet with three political leaders from Malaysia tonight. Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Tan Sri Khalid and Dato' Husam are in Dubai and despite arriving in the wee hours of this morning after taking the night flight from KL, they arrived at the planned venue much to the delight of the waiting crowd.
First to take the floor was Tan Sri Khalid who went straight into giving a summary report of his first 100 days as the 'CEO' of Selangor state. In his own words, he considers the rakyat as his stake-holders and he holds himself accountable as the man at the helm of leadership and as the one holding rakyat's trust (amanah!). He stressed the essence of Pakatan Rakyat's values - that is to place the rakyat at the center of all decisions. As an example, he mentioned the free povision of water up to a certain volume of usage. His speech resonates well with the audience who were able to relate to his past tenure as the enterprising CEO of PNB. Everyone applauded him at the end of his speech. His sincerity to transform Selangor for the benefits of the rakyat shone through. At times, his frustration with some of the old baggages he has inherited were apparent.
But what will linger on in the mind of many is his enthusiasm and optimism which I personally find very contagious.
Best wishes Tan Sri!
Next stood Dato' Husam. He immediately reminded the audience that one of the secret recipes for Pakatan Rakyat's success was focusing on similarities between DAP, PKR and PAS. According to him, one of the similarities is a desire to improve transparency and governance so that Rakyat will be the beneficiaries of all decisions and actions. Rakyat, and not members of the cronies. His speech was temporarily drowned by welcoming greeting for Dato' Seri Anwar when the later walked in to standing audience. DSAI's aura and presence made everyone stood up and formed a pathway - which reminded me of scenes at hotels' grand ball rooms whenever he as the then Deputy Prime Minister walked in as guest of honour to dinner functions. In my book, DSAI is the most magnetic and charismatic Malaysian leader we haev seen. None comes close to his ability to attract and command an audience.
Dato' Husam continued his speech touching on issues of national interests such as oil reserve and oil prices, foods supply and foods price, and a call for everyone present to continue supporting Pakatan Rakyat and its' shared idealogy of serving the rakyat!
Dato' Seri Anwar started his speech by thanking the audience for their direct and indirect support towards the success in PRU-12. For a man who has been removed from the penultimate seat of power - then humilated, punched, and imprisoned - he was forgiving of the past and its ghosts. His focus was clearly on the future, and more specifically on how to gather sufficient force of unity to form a new Malaysian government. In responce to a question, he elaborated about the transformation he wish to see in the new Malaysia. He must have painted a glorious picture - judged by a thunderous applause he received at the end.
The Q & A session was long and laborious. The audience used the opportunity to unleashed their bottled emotion about the current Federal Government's many shortcomings and the weaknesses of their policies. Even a few Malaysians from Riyadh joined in via IT technology. To their credit, all three leaders patiently addressed all questions which were asked.
For those who were not there, 150 people who were there tonight may sounds like a small number. However, for the 150 who were there it was a night of a new beginnings. It was a succesfull meeting despite having been organised within lots of limitation and restrictions. We all want to thank the hosts Mr. Fudzail and his family, the main man behind the network Mr Hasnol and volunteers who have given their time to work out the logistics. Bravo guys!!!
It was a beginning of new hopes....for a better Malaysia!
It was also a new beginning, where political leaders of significant statures came down to meet their 'Stake-holders' - the rakyat!
It was a new beginning - when we felt we matter!
I have a story to tell my children when they wake up tomorrow morning. I will tell them....."Being a leader means serving your followers!" It is a story I learnt last night listening to my friends talking over dinner about what they see in Dato' Seri Anwar, Tan Sri Khalid and Dato' Husam.

Dan dari HASNOL

100 Hari Pertama: Lapuran Awal buat kami d Dubai!
Sessi bersama pimpinan kanan Pakatan Rakyat d Dubai malam tadi melihatkan sambutan hebat d kalangan rakyat Malaysia pelbagai kaum. Pertemuan kira-kira dua jam setengah juga menarik minat beberapa teman Bosnia dan Mesir. Dan mengasyikkan, sessi malam tadi turut d sertai rakyat Malaysia d Riyadh - melalui video call 3G!
Setakat yang teringat, ini merupakan pertemuaan rakyat dan pemimpin terbesar melibatkan rakyat d sini dan pimpinan Malaysia (selalunya pertemuan dengan pimpinan kerajaan BN bersifat agak formal d hotel). Malam tadi kami bertemu d rumah Fudzail - dan yang hadir terpaksa bayar pula! Kami pakat sedia jamuan rakyat untuk pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat! Walau tiada makanan Free, namun kehadiran amat memberansangkan!
Ketiga-tiga pimpinan, Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim, YB Dato' Husam Musa dan YAB Tan Sri Khalid walaupun tiba pada awal paginya, masih penuh stamina. Walaupun mereka tiba dalam pesawat yang sama, Dsai dan Husam hanya sedar mereka dalam pesawat yang sama sebelum mendarat - masing-masing lena bila tiba d pesawat!.
Ketika menjemput Dato' Husam dan rombongannya, Dsai dan TS Khalid juga bersama. Tak sempat bertemu Dsai, tetapi sempat juga dia menghantar pesanan melalui Blackberrynya setibanya d Dubai.
Dengan hanya notis beberapa hari, perancangan djalankan dengan teratur. Husam terlebih dahulu confirm untuk program bersama rakyat Malaysia d UAE. Setelah dberitahu kehadiran Dsai melalui salah seorang peguam Dsai, kami berusaha mendapatkan kepastian waktu Dsai dan TS Khalid untuk bersama Husam.
Promosi awal d gerakkan. SMS, email dan word of mouth menjadi communication channel pillihan.
Awal pagi semalam, kata pasti d terima. Fudzail sempat mendapat confirmation dari Dsai.
Dalam pada itu, mobileku tak putus menerima SMS dan panggilan. Ada yang confirm akan bersama, tak kurang yang bertanya petunjuk jalan. Yang gelinya ada yang bertanya berapa ramai akan hadir malam ni?
Aku tanya kenapa? Dia jawap "usually aah, when Anwar give his speech aaa, thousands will come".
Aku jawap, "u datang saja, ramai tak ramai datang saja". Dia sempat menambah, "kalau i datang lambat aah, simpan makanan untuk i".
TS Khalid Memulakan Acara
Sekitar 8:05pm, acara kami bermula. Mukadimmah awal buat tetamu istimewa yang dah tiba - Husam dan TS Khalid. Ruang tamu rumah Fudzail masih lapang.
TS Khalid memulakan bicara dengan latarbelakang keterlibatannya dalam dunia politik. Transisi yang agak jauh menyimpang, dari dunia koperat yang fokus pada keuntungan syarikat kepada dunia politik yang memberi keutamaan kepada rakyat terbanyak.
Permulaannya agak perlahan, namun setelah masa beredar momentum TS Khalid bergerak pantas.
Sessi mula terasa seperti sessi lapuran ketua kerajaan Selangor selepas 100 hari memerintah. Apalagi bila TS Khalid menyebut, sebagai CEO kerajaan negeri, beliau bertanggung jawab atas amanah yang d pikul. Kepertanggungjawaban terhadap rakyat menjadi agenda, dan perbezaan antara PR dan BN.
Perbezaan ideologi antara komponen PR bukan masalah, malahan titik pertemuaan itulah menjadikan kami dekat.
Sesekali TS mencuit hati kami dengan beberapa insiden yang berlaku sepanjang menerajui negeri termaju d Malaysia.
Dato' Husam Strategis Mengemudi PAS dan PR
Sekitar 40 minit berlalu, giliran Husam berdepan "share holders" - rakyat dperantauan. Ketika ini, ruang tamu dah sesak.
Sessi Husam menampakkan kematangan dan pengalaman beliau. Penyampaian structured. Trademarknya juga tak ketinggalan - penuh fakta!
D selang seli dengan potongan ayat Quran sebagai dali dasar dan polisi yang menjunjung kepentingan awam.
Ketika itu, Dsai tiba. Ketibaan Dsai d sambut meriah, negarawan yang sudah lama dnanti rakyat dperantauan. Tak siapa yang hendak miss bersalaman dengan mantan TPM. Juga d sebut-sebut PM in waiting. Tiba d depanku, sempat kami berpelukan. Kali terakhir bertemu tahun lalu. Cuma sempat bercakap melalaui telefon dan tukaran email.
Husam meneruskan ucapan, mengakhiri sessi kedua malam tadi. Pendek, namun padat.
Dsai - dari Reformasi kepada Spekulasi September!
D awal ucapan TS Khalid, beliau ada menyebut beberapa perkara menarik yang menjadi spekulasi. Spekulasi hanya boleh d jawab dan d ulas Dsai. Tiba giliran Dsai, sebagai pengerusi majlis, aku sempat mengingatkan Dsai akan spekulasi yang harus d isi dalam ucapannya.
Ternyata itulah yang d nanti hadirin.
Dsai, menyentuh dan mengupas isu spekulasi kerajaan baru. Apa benar September 16? Kenapa pula September 16?
Dsai menggariskan perubahan kerajaan (jika ianya berlaku) akan berlaku selewatnya September 16 tahun ini. Kenapa September 16 - ianya tarikh keramat yang d kongsi sama rakyat Malaysia d Semenanjung (Hari Malaysia) dan yang lebih nostalgik buat rakyat Malaysia d Sabah dan Sarawak.
Dalam beberapa ketika, Dsai sempat melontarkan pujian kepada Husam sebagai strategis bagi PAS (terutama d Kelantan katanya) dan buat PR.
Ketelusan, amanah dan kepentingan rakyat akan terus menjadi agenda buat PR - menjadi mesej utama Dsai.
Sessi soal jawab menarik, bilamana teman-teman dari Riyadh turut serta. Walau tidak bersama secara zahirnya, mereka sempat berdialog dengan ketiga pimpinan dengan penggunaan teknologi (E90 ku jadi alat penghubung!).
ALhamduliLlaah, sessi malam tadi memberi senario baru buat kami d Dubai. Pertemuaan rakyat Malaysia berbilang kaum dperantauan, bersama pimpinan rakyat mengingatkan kembali pengalaman malam Pemilu ke-12 yang lalu (anak muda Melayu bersama Cina dan India menggembling tenaga menjana kemenangan PR d 5+1 buah negeri).
Husam dan Dsai sendiri amat berpuas hati. Ketika menghantar Husam ke hotel, dalam keletihan beliau sempat merakamkan kegembiraan bertemu rakyat dperantauan.
Dsai pula sempat mengirim pesanan pagi tadi. Mesej dari Blackberrynya mengutus rasa puas hati. Jazakallah, tergesa malam tadi. Ada program lain (selepas program kami).
Apa pun, setelah amanat Tok Guru (semasa sessi teleconference sebelum Pemilu lalu) kami pikul bersama; kini harapan pimpinan peneraju perubahan ke arah Malaysia Baru kami dokongi. Ayuh, rakyat Malaysia dperantauan - kita juga punya tanggungjawab bersama ke arah Malaysia Baru!
Paling minima, rapatkan kerjasama kita bersama. Permuafakatan d tingkat, rakyat d martabat!
Terima kasih pada tuan rumah, sukarelawan yang berpakat membantu melicinkan perjalanan program serta hadirin yang tiba bersama (ada juga yang tiba dari Oman dan Abu Dhabi!).

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