Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My First (and perhaps LAST) Parliament Appearance


Tuesday 8 July is a historical day. It is my first time ever to be in the Parliament building to see the proceeding as well as to meet a number of MPs (yes, they read my blog....thank you!).
The first impression it was so easy to enter the Parliament compound. "Mesra Rakyat' could be the reason. Me and companions were talking about security because Kulim-Bandar Baharu MP's crest was stolen from his bike inside the parliament compound.
The remark was, "There are bigger and more thieves inside the parliament hall!"
And second impression, while at the parking area for the MPs, I noticed some big differences between BN and PR MPs' vehicles.
I assume those who drive luxury vehicles such as Porsche Cayennes, BMWs, Mercs, Lexus will be BN MPs. While those who drive Myvi, Proton, old cars are from PR. I maybe wrong but that's my own not-so-good as well as biased assumption.
I am naive in terms of real life of MPs outside their larger than life impressions. I always have doubts about BN MPs' sincerity and truthful in working for the people. Based on my own experience, all BN MPs that I know strive more for their own survivals than anything else.
Again, the same can be said about some PR MPs as well.
Politicians are from the same stock as the second oldest profession in the world!
My third impression from the empty Dewan Rakyat, either because most MPs are not really interested to waste their precious time debating (even they receive allowance for attendance) or the proceeding is really boring. That is why I guess, some MPs are prone to do lewd gestures or use abusive languages to entertain themselves.
When I was watching from the gallery, the minister was really not-up-to the standard...a friend BN MP, my junior in NZ came out and gave a same statement, "What a boring Minister!"
The fourth impression, Parliament cafeteria is among the cheapest in the nation. Buffet only costs RM6 per head. Obviously it is heavily subsidized. No complaint from MPs while out there, majority of rakyat is struggling due to the current price hikes. Rakyat is subsidizing their MPs and guests food.
Nevertheless, MP titles come with certain privileges like no personal tax, tax free cars etc. Not to mention enjoying some other perks like business, contracts, under-the-table deals if under BN banner.
By the way, from personal conversations with some MPs, I was very much depressed with the latest political battle and possible happenings. Intriguing and bewildering, sometimes straighforward chess moves with all possible endings. Politics is the art of the possible, who is going to be checked-mated in this battle? Who is the real winner?
The possible winner will take all and laugh all the way to the bank. We are doomed.
Of course the ongoing political uncertainties have major impacts on the economic outlook. I am very much concerned about our nation's direction and future stake. We have lost faith in the current leadership and are really looking forward for drastic change at federal level.
If things are going to BN way instead of PR way, I would say this trip could be as well my last to the parliament.
The real loser will be the whole current generation as we will lose a viable chance to change for the better once and for all. I dread to think the consequences of seeing before my own eyes that we lose this golden opportunity to take back our country!
May Allah help us!