Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dr. Haron Din's Statement on Sodomy Allegation - Malaysiakini


We managed to meet Dr. Haron Din when he was here in the UAE for two weeks about two months ago. Her eldest daughter was admitted into the hospital for some heart complications.

During the heights of UMNO-PAS Muzakarah, his name was mentioned as one of main supporters of this deal of the century.

However, I have been waiting for his statement on Sodomy II and that guy's sumpah-sumpah. He was silence on this matter, unlike on Sodomy I. Somebody said that was due to Anwar's reluctance to 'bersumpah' even alone in front of him....this could be a rumour only.

I admire Dr. Haron Din as an ulamak. His political career has not taken off in his own state, it could be blessing in disguise. Dr. Haron is one of few scholars that we can be proud of and perhaps, better stay that way.

His was in Permatang Pauh and made a crucial statement by defending Anwar. This rebuttal will have greater impact on those who still have doubts when UMNO keeps playing that guy's sumpah-sumpah to the maximum. UMNO machinery has to depend on other dirty tactics now during the last hours of campaign period.

If our pevious elections were really fair, open and clean, UMNO had been buried long time ago. Then again, do not underestimate desperate people with power still in their hands.

Dr. Haron Din is right when he says, 'These people (read: UMNO) are using Islam when it suits them.' Because if the UMNO goons really practice Islam, none of their current leaders can be regarded as 'bersih, cekap, amanah' even under the spells of Hadhari.

Back 'our' candidate, PAS top leaders tell voters
Chan Kok Leong Aug 24, 08 4:39pm
Any differences on who will become the next prime minister should Pakatan Rakyat form federal government were put aside last night as PAS supporters turned out in full force to back "their" candidate.
In this part of Penanti, which is 99 percent Malay voters, some 4,000 people braved the light drizzle to listen to PAS top guns.
At Taman Guar Perahu, party president Abdul Hadi Awang and spiritual healer Dr Haron Din allayed rumours of a PAS pullout by urging the crowd to support "our" warrior.
Though Hadi's ceramah only lasted 10 minutes, his final words should be enough for anyone doubting PAS’ commitment to PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim's campaign.
It also put to rest, for the moment, his own ambitions to helm the nation.
"I urge Permatang Pauh voters to once again give your votes to PKR and let Anwar return to Parliament. And if there is a chance to lead this country as well," said Hadi.
Before that, he touched on issues of governance and why Barisan Nasional, in particular Umno, should be rejected.
Later, it was announced that Hadi was not feeling well and hence the short but no less crucial message.

Sodomy allegation
Meanwhile, Haron's ceramah killed off whatever doubts Malay voters regarding the sodomy allegation against Anwar.
"These people are using Islam when it suits them," said the 68-year-old religious scholar-turned-politician.
"When they made accusations, they go to the mosque, hold the Quran and swear in God's name. But what about the other part of Islam requirements?" he asked.
"If they want to use Syariah to swear that the crime did take place, he (accuser Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan) should also present four credible witnesses."
Under Islamic law, accusations must be backed by four credible witnesses otherwise the accuser is guilty of qazaf (false accusations).
So far, the Umno campaign has revolved around the sodomy allegation and Anwar’s ‘betrayal’ of the Malay cause.
Haron's defence just two days before polling is the best that PKR could wish for to help satisfy questions on why Anwar has not taken an oath to deny the allegation.
Umno will no doubt crank up the pressure over the next 48 hours with around-the-clock public screening of Saiful's swearing.
But for the PAS faithful, Haron and Hadi are enough to combat BN's more high-tech campaign