Monday, December 29, 2008

Mega News of 2008 in Malaysiakini

It is end of the year again. Time to relook into the recent past of our lives.
I have some good memories to cherish, one is the public whipping for BN. I did not return to vote this election but I was all along dreaming of such situation that BN reduced to be an opposition in the parliament. 5 states already under PR and we wish these new state leaders all the best in the new year to reconcile and move forward for the sake of the nation.
Here in Dubai, uncertainties prevail in this current financial turmoil that changed the courses of a lot of people. It is the cycle that reminds us of life itself.

Top 10 News of 2008
Dec 29, 08 11:09am
Groundbreaking change does not happen overnight, at least not in Malaysia where it takes a special blend of circumstances to rouse people to fury.

That process started late last year and spilled over into this year. From then, it was only a matter of time until pent-up frustration burst. And it did.History was made, but it did not stop there. It has been an exhilarating and inspiring year - it will be a long time before anyone climbs down from the emotional high.
Counting down, we take you through the best and the worst of 2008. More Here.

In summary,
10. Public protests that broke down barriers
9. Altantuya is jot dead in our own conscious
8. Chua the adult movie star
7. Judiciary that cheap and expensive to maintain integrity
6. Police is still a group of BN bodyguards or thugs
5. Fuel prices saga
4. Sodomy part 2
3. Leaders clashes
2. Anwar's return from grave
1. BN's humiliations...the top news of the year!

While Gaza is burning, Arab officials are busy working the phones

New Year in hell for our Palestinian brothers and sisters in Gaza. As Muslims, we are nothing but a group of insignificant ummah whose bloods are definitely cheaper. Who cares about the plights of Palestinians' years under occupation or other sufferings that resulted from either our own weaknesses or consequences of our ignorance.

I watched an episode of American sitcom, 'It is always sunny in Philadelphia', about a group of jews trying to help their brothers and sisters in Israel. It was a satirical and humorous sitcom but the message was clear in this particular episode, most Americans believe what they read or listen in their zionist controlled media. Israel must be saved to protect the world's peace and Palestinians/Muslims are the real enemies of the world.

I have nothing much to say about Arab leaders as they may have other priorities in the current turmoil. Forget about Palestinian political leaders who are rich and live in their own dreams. Groups like Hamas or Hezbollah have more power and guts in terms of facing the terrorist regime of Israel.

One of my Palestinian friends did mention to me out of frustrations as he was accepted by the USA as citizen but not the country that he was born and raised in the Gulf, "If Palestinians and Israelis join force under one nation, we can wipe out ot the rest of Arabs..!" Well, Israel does not need Palestinians to do that.....and Arab leaders will kiss Bush hands for whatever reasons he did during his 2-terms as the chief of terroris as well as Obama's hands for something more sinisters in the future. We will hear the same old stories like Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan will continue burning and more Muslim casulaties in the next 4 years.

Arabs play the fiddle while Gaza burns
Gulf News Editorial

Published: December 28, 2008, 23:32
While Gaza is burning, Arab officials are busy working the phones in an attempt to arrange an Arab emergency meeting. The earliest date possible, we are being told, is Friday.
By then though, there will be fewer Gazans in Gaza. And also by then Israel will be winding down its bloody campaign. This obviously suits Arab officials well. There will be less pressure - from Arab public opinion - on them to take tough decisions. They can then blame Hamas for the carnage. Some of them have done it with the first wave of Israeli bombing which killed dozens of children who were leaving their school in central Gaza.
Reports suggest that some Arab officials were informed of the Israeli plans. Some were instrumental in making sure the Gaza border stayed firmly closed for the past year. It was an attempt to topple the Hamas government by strangling the economy and starving the population, hoping that Gazans would rise up against their Islamist rulers. There is no evidence to suggest that some Arabs are complicit in the Israeli crime. In fact, the mere suggestion that some Arab officials have given their nod to the worst one-day massacre in Gaza's history defies common sense.
But there certainly was official Arab indifference to the plight of the Gazans. The strip had been under siege for long. The Arab governments failed to even meet and condemn the Israeli blockade. Hamas must certainly shoulder a responsibility as it rules the ravaged strip. But the sole perpetrator of Saturday's genocide is Israel and those hypocrites - the US and Australian governments - who called on Hamas to "stop its aggression against Israel" while Gaza's women and children were being slaughtered by Israel's 'smart' bombs in broad daylight.
The Gulf Cooperation Council summit, which starts today, and the Arab League meeting, which is expected later this week, must come up with more than words to protect the Palestinian people. It is time Arab governments exercise their political will and take stances in line with Arab popular sentiment shown by the mass demonstrations across the region.