Thursday, January 08, 2009

My letter to Malaysiakini

Bantah di sini
I refer to below comments:-

On '152 street rally' set for next month

Alex C: For god's sake, are these petty racial issues are all that Gapena can think of? Rallies to defend the Malay language? They might not have noticed, but all subjects in schools are taught in Malay except for maths and science.

Dear Alex C
There are TWO different issues here, but first and foremost, the same petty racial issue is being championed by Dong Jiang Zong, a chinese education group which has been very vocal against the use of English to teach Maths and Science in vernacular primary schools. If Alex C sees this matter as being petty racial, then I would say the same to Dong Jiang Zong.

Teaching Maths and Science in English will not solve the problem of unemployed graduates in securing jobs due to inability to speak English fluently. There is a need to improve drastically in teaching English as a communication language rather than burdening the students to cope with additional comprehension and workloads to learn Maths and Science in English.

Alex C is definitely not from rural areas, which predominantly Malays and these students are already handicapped by the poor facilities as well as tools in catching up with those urban students (predominantly non-Malays). The statistics by Minister of Education on PMR or UPSR's results to show the improvements year after year on these two subject is dubious and doubtful. Can you believe the government propaganda while trying to hide their own mistakes and blunders? Talk to the teachers who are struggling to speak in English, let alone teach in this language.

Most developed countries never use English to teach Maths and Science subjects. Japan, Germany, French, Denmark, Russin are some examples. While some 3rd world countries which been using English as the main medium are still lagging behind in all fronts. The question here is, why do we need to teach Maths and Science in English now since we have been successful in producing technical graduates by using Malay language?

Dear Alex, what is so wrong to protect our own language and be proud of it? We are concerned about Malay language being sidelined as well as dying as technical language. Dong Jiang Zong is right and so are others who oppose this move. We have our democratic rights to oppose and we are not STUPID.

I am one of those students from rural area who were taught in Malay medium up to SPM with very poor command of English. It was the English intensive course that improved my English tremendously and I wonder why the same kind of syllabus and methods are not used in schools. Why do we need to spend more money or rather waste it, in teaching Maths and Science in English while neglecting the basic problem of teaching English itself.

Why not spend the same amount of our money to improve our teaching in English subject?

Yes, I am ashamed of ZAM's poor command of English, he should have spoken in Malay just like other world leaders who proudly speak in their own national language even if they can speak English fluently. That's ZAM's arrogance in showing off his poor English to the whole world and we are never proud of him anyway.