Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My First Serious Political Party

Reading the current Kuala Trengganu by-election in so-called mainstream media, it seems only one party and candidate contesting, i.e. BN. And the candidate is the prime-minister-in-waiting who is currently staying in KT (heard that RM500,000 was wasted just to renovate his temporary accommodation there) and busier than a bee all over the place with money, promises, threats and more lies. Najib is a clown with a lot of baggage, including his big sized wife.

It reminds me of my first involvement with national election. It was year 1984 in New Zealand which was under a constitutional crisis at that time. The wind of change was blowing. The Prime Minister then was late Robert Muldoon, who was once a neighbour to a MSD officer (their houses were next to each other) that I used to stay temporarily at the Lower Hutt.

However, that election gave me a kind of fresh perspectives about democracy and freedom of speech. I was lured to be involved with a very serious party but already defunct, McGillicuddy Serious Party (McGSP) . Its founder was one of the former students of my alma mater. Together with some other students, I participated in some of the party's activities. We did not have ISA or UUCA (AUKU) in New Zealand and free to campaign even within university compound.

During the campaign, the McGSP candidates would promise anything under the sky as well as sun, stars and moon. Anything that beyond logic and comprehension. I had fun listening to those temberangs and would vote for the party any time. The McGSP selected its policies on the basis of their absurdity and their impracticality.

Funism is the maximum amount of fun for the maximum number of people. A Funist Society is one in which everyone has the most fun possible. This is the basis of all the Policies of the McGillicuddy Serious Party. Read here

According to the wikipedia, The McGillicuddy Serious Party (McGSP) operated as a satirical political party in New Zealand politics during the late 20th century. For many years, from 1984 to 1999, McGillicuddy Serious provided "colour" to New Zealand politics to ensure that citizens not take the political process too seriously. The party's logo, the head of a medieval court jester, indicated McGillicuddy Serious's status as a joke party.

The McGillicuddy Serious Party formed in 1984[4] in Hamilton as the political arm of Clan McGillicuddy (established in 1978). Members of the Clan had previously stood as candidates in the 1983 local-body elections in the Waikato,[4] but the McGSP came together in time to contest the 1984 General Election. The party had a strong Scottish theme, with the kilt considered one of the party's symbols. Initially many candidates studied at the University of Waikato. Candidates also included a number of street-performers and comedic musical actors.

Satu Hari Ke Kuala Trengganu

Dalam demam pilihanraya kecil yang semakin sampai ke kemuncak, saya teringat salah satu perjalanan ke Kuala Trengganu pada suatu masa dahulu.

Sebaik pulang dari New Zealand (NZ) dan menganggur, saya mengambil keputusan untuk melihat tanahair yang lama di tinggalkan. Bersama seorang rakan baik, senior di NZ yang pulang awal, Zulkifli Noordin yang kini Ahli Parlimen Kulim Bandar Baharu, kami mengambil keputusan untuk bercuti di pantai timur. Waktu itu Zulkifli rasanya sudah bertugas sebagai seorang peguam.

Kebetulan, ada sahabat seflet sewa kami di Kerinchi berkahwin di Cukai (rasanyalah, tidak berapa ingat) Trengganu.

Dengan menaiki bas ekspress dari Puduraya, kami ke Kuantan. Dari Kuantan naik bas ke Kemaman dan ada seorang sahabat Zulkifli, kontraktor besar Kemaman mengambil kami ke rumahnya.

Seterusnya kami ke rumah pengantin perempuan yang kebetulan pula ada kena mengena dengan seorang sahabat lain.

Kami menjadi penanggah, basuh pinggan dan oleh kerana tidak tahu mana nak pergi, kami bermalam di rumah pengantin perempuan.

Sebaik sarapan esoknya, kami mengambil keputusan untuk hitch-hike ke Kuala Trengganu. Saya sudah biasa hitch-hike di seluruh pulau utara New Zealand sewaktu menjadi pelajar. Mahu pula pengalaman hitch-hike di tanahair.

Setelah tidak lama berjalan kaki, ada sebuah van berhenti.

"Nak ke mana?"

"Boleh tumpang ke Kuala Trengganu?"

"Boleh, naiklah..!"

Lega rasanya kerana ada pakcik yang sudi mengambil kami.

Kemudian pakcik itu berhenti lagi dan bertanya mereka yang berada ditepi jalan.

"Nak ke mana?"

Kami berbisik, wau, baik betul pakcik ini. Semua orang ditanya kalau mahu tumpang!

Ada yang tidak menjawab dan seakan tidak suka ditanya oleh pakcik itu.

Kemudian ada yang naik dan makin penuh pulak van pakcik yang baik hati ini.

Begitulah ignorannya kami....rupa-rupanya pakcik itu adalah prebet sapu....dan sebaik tiba di KT, pakcik bertanya, mana nak 'stop'?

Kami pun berkata, 'Balai Polis!"

Pakcik terdiam. Kami memang mahu ke berek polis KT kerana ada kawan sekampung Zulkifli di situ.

"Kamu ini polis ke?"

He he he kami pun mengakulah...polis SB...pakcik tidak berani berhenti depan balai polis dan tidak minta bayaran seperti yang lain....begitupun, kami bayarlah mana yang patut...dengan diskaun.

Bush is the biggest liar and murderer of all USA presidents

I watched one of the biggest liars and murderes in the world for his 47th and final press conference. I wish I was there and my not-so-original-crocs could be handy for a throw into his mouth.

Looking back on his eight years in office, Bush offered his version of his legacy, a version he hopes history will second...
"Sometimes you misunderestimated me..."
Despite historically low approval ratings, no one can accuse George Bush of underestimating himself:
"Thank you for giving me the chance to defend a record that I'm going to continue to defend, because I think it's a good, strong record."
The war in Iraq will be ground zero of Bush's legacy, and he admits mistakes were made fighting it:
"Clearly putting a 'mission accomplished' on an aircraft carrier was a mistake. It sent the wrong message"
The President also admitted the tanking economy made him tank on a core belief:
"I readily concede I chucked aside some of my free-market principles when I was told by chief economic advisers that the situation we were facing could be worse than the Great Depression"
But he offered no apology for how he handled hurricane Katrina:
"Don't tell me the Federal response was slow when there was 30,000 people pulled off roofs right after the storm passed! "
Looking ahead, Bush has this prediction for the President-elect:
"He'll get in the Oval Office and there'll be a lot of people that are real critical and harsh. And he'll be real disappointed at times by their tone and rhetoric."
And this prediction for himself:
"I just can't envision myself, sitting with a big straw hat and Hawaiian shirt, sitting on some beach." (laughs)
A week from tomorrow, George Bush will leave the White House and his legacy will be in the hands of historians. They will not all be as kind to him as he is to himself. Elected with a promise to "unite, not divide" office, he kept us divided--in large part by attempting to create a new democracy in Iraq. George Bush may not be the worst president we've ever had, but he's certainly not one of the best.
I'm Andy Hiller and that's my instinct.

From Gulf News:
Bush lied, and that's the truth

George W. Bush sent more US troops into war than most others, and as he reviews his period in office he is finally ready to admit some mistakes. At his last press conference this week, he admitted that the 'mission accomplished' banner as a background to his speech on an aircraft carrier in 2003 was a mistake. He also admitted that to justify the invasion of Iraq with non-existent weapons of mass destruction was another mistake.
He misses the point. Errors can happen, and they can be huge. But what was profoundly wrong throughout Bush's presidency was the whole principle of using military power to enforce his minority policy on the world. The (now invisible) neo-conservatives called it pre-emptive regime change, hoping that the jargon would make it sound better.
Bush's faults lie in seeking to impose his ideas, regardless of reality, on the whole world. He took the world's totally natural and justified sympathy for the United States in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, and perverted this sympathy into the crudest form of alliance, memorably threatening any government by saying, "You are either with us or with the terrorists". This is no way to try to lead the human race, and it has been rejected.