Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Guide to Self-Employment For laid-off Workers

I was in that situation once, well, just about a decade ago....self employment was one of the options and if it happens again...could be the best option.

A Guide to Self-Employment

Advice for recently laid-off workers considering going into business for themselves

So you lost your job. Now what? As an employee, you had a daily routine, health insurance coverage, and a regular paycheck. You liked the security—while it lasted. And if you sometimes daydreamed about the freedom of working for yourself, leaving a full-time job never seemed worth the risk.


New business ideas spotted around the globe

CapCaps for fans of fictional brands
Fashion & beauty / Entertainment

Lucky Seven makes custom caps that bear the logos of fictional
companies featured in cult films and television shows, immediately
recognizable only to likeminded fans.

MercedesHotel perks for Mercedes drivers
Automotive / Travel & tourism

Through Mercedes' Destinations program, Merc drivers are entitled
to exclusive benefits at partner hotels, including complimentary use
of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, welcome gifts and room upgrades.

ListBuilding green habits, one step at a time
Eco & sustainability / Lifehacks

Green Groove aims to help consumers create and stick to a plan to
eliminate their unsustainable ways and embrace new, greener

Hotel roomPay-what-you-want hotel in Singapore
Travel & tourism / Marketing & advertising

The new Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen hotel just last week launched
a promotion that lets guests choose the rate they want to pay for a
night's stay.

Stickers on IKEA cupboardPre-cut decorations for IKEA furniture
Homes & housing

Sydney-based Grippiks sells adhesive sheets in a variety of bright
colours and patterns for use on the surfaces of many models of IKEA

Rocking horseGroup buying for new parents

Regular readers are already familiar with the benefits consumers
can enjoy when they team up and buy as a crowd. A new site brings
those advantages to buyers of baby and children's goods.

CalendarTracking one's sex life online
Lifestyle & leisure

An entirely personal application, Bedpost is a way for consumers to
keep track of the sexual encounters they've had by logging in and
entering some key details after each one.

Nintendo DSHotel uses tech perks to draw youthful travellers
Travel & tourism

Technology-enabled hotels seem to be popping up all around the
globe, and recently one of our spotters alerted us to one in Germany
that's aimed specifically at budget-oriented youthful travellers.

Kids trade fairIndustry community for kids' products
Retail / Media & publishing

Based in New Zealand, Skout Trade Fair is an online community that
aims to help those in the children's products industry find each other
and connect.

Boat with Coors sailHelping media buyers find sellers of alt advertising
Marketing & advertising

DOmedia bills itself as a matchmaking service for media buyers and
sellers. Listed in its database are opportunities to advertise on college
student notebooks, on phone kiosks, on golf carts and in restrooms.

Jacket buttonJackets and bags made to be handed down
Fashion & beauty / Eco & sustainability

Countering the forces of "fast fashion", British brand Howies is
focusing on the long-lasting quality of its newest clothing line,
appropriately named Hand-Me-Down.

MyGofer logo Sears blends online & off in new retail experiments
Retail / Lifehacks

MyGofer is a new, warehouse-style retail concept that aims to offer
both the convenience and selection of an online store and the
immediacy and low prices of a discount retailer.

Pak Lah TRAPPED..It's an OMEN

Once, Pak Lah mentioned about Malaysia was famous for "First class infrastructure and third class maintenance."
It is true for years to come...and a month before he leaves the office, Pak Lah has actually a victim of our third class maintenance practice and culture prevailing in our nation.

Elevator blues for Pak Lah
Feb 12, 09 4:42pm
The often busy schedule of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi hit an unexpected snag this morning when he ended up being trapped in an elevator.

Abdullah was stuck in the elevator for about 30 minutes at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre as rescue personnel scrambled to free him.
However, the premier was not left stranded alone.

He had Malacca Governor Khalil Yaakob and Public Service Department (PSD) director-general Ismail Adam for company.

The incident prompted Abdullah to cancel a highly anticipated press conference which was supposed to be held after he officiated the 75th diamond jubilee of the PSD. The unforseen hiccup had also delayed the event.

Abdullah appeared calm
According to a source, the function was supposed to start at 10.30am but was delayed till 11am. The source said several Fire and Rescue Services Department personnel were immediately despatched to the scene and they succeeded in freeing the VIP trio.

"Abdullah did not look upset or traumatised by the incident. He appeared calm and even smiled at the crowd who were waiting outside the lift."
But when he delivered his speech later, the prime minister was coughing profusely," added the source.

Meanwhile, it is also learnt that an aide of the prime minister had asked media representatives who were present not to report or snap photographs of the incident. The source said the PSD director-general, in his speech later, apologised to Abdullah over the elevator debacle.

Syarikat Malaysia di Dubai Yang Menindas Pekerja 2

Dalam entri terdahulu berkaitan isu ini, ada komen dari Najay dibawah.

Begitupun, adalah dimaklumkan apa yang terjadi dalam catatan Najay agak lama dahulu dan bukan sekarang. Paling penting untuk dimaklumkan ialah kita mempunyai staf baru di 'konsulat di Dubai' dan 'kedutaan di Abu Dhabi' yang tidak terlibat dalam apa yang ditulis. Malah komen Najay juga masih lagi 'hearsay' dan saya mahu membuat tuntutan 'disclaimer'.

Secara peribadi, saya melihat Konsul Besar baru (dan pertama secara rasmi, kerana sebelum ini datang dari Matrade) Malaysia di Dubai adalah seorang yang cukup berwibawa dan mempunyai karisma sebagai pegawai diplomat. Beliau juga pihatin, peramah, mudah didekati dan sering bergaul dengan komuniti Malaysia, termasuk beriadah bersama setiap pagi Jumaat. Kita memerlukan diplomat hebat seperti ini dalam memberi wajah baru pada imej yang sebelum ini tidak begitu baik.

Menyentuh isu penindasan ini, kita mahu pihak pengurusan Malaysia di syarikat-syarikat terbabit untuk berubah sikap dan lebih bertanggungajwab terutama di suasana ekonomi meleset dan jangan sewenangnya menindas pekerja.

Saya terpanggil untuk memberi sedikit komen dan pengalaman saya bekerja dengan syarikt yg tersenarai di BSKL dan bermaharaja lela menganiaya pekerja bernama 'Lu Caya Lu'di Dubai.
Selepas 6 bulan bekerja di Dubai tanpa ada permit dan Visa dan akhirnya saya membuat keputusan berhenti dan pulang ke Malayasia kerana tidak sanggup, bukan kerana sebab visa dan permit akan tetapi kerenah syarikt yg sememangnya benar menganiaya dan ramai yg menjadi boneka sahaja.

Sesiapa yg bagus dari segi kerja dan kemahiran adalah tidak perlu. Anda hendaklah bagus dari segi 'mengampu dan menjadi 'Mr Yes'...ini mmang kenyataan.

Banyak lagi perkara tidak elok berlaku dan kebanyakanya yg teraniya adalah golongan staff melayu dan rata2 masih muda dan mentah dalam percaturan dan mainan politik kotor mereka.' Suka stay tak suka lu berhentilah..apa susah..' itulah ungkapan yg biasa didengar dari kalangan eksekutif yg menjadi boneka yg terpilih atas kreteria tertentu.

Saya tertarik kepada persoalan bila mana yg teraniaya hendak buat laporan kepada pihak berwajib..contoh ke konsulat di Dubai atau di Abu dhabi..Rata2 tokoh koporat malaysia di UAE especially yg bernama 'Lu caya Lu' telah pun atau turut bersekongkol dgn para konsulat ni untuk menutup segala perbuatan mereka dengan mengadakan perjumpaan2 makan malam atau dinner2 atau pub2 especially di Traders Hotel untuk mengiakan lagi dan terus membenarkan kejahatan mereka terus terbela di Dubai..

Anda renungkan lah sendiri.saya adalah dikalangan eksekutif (bekas) di 'Lu caya Lu' yg tidak sangup menggadai maruah bangsa dan negara menjadi boneka dan tidak sanggup juga menjadi 'Mr Yes'...

How bad is customer service in Dubai?

Generally, the customer service here in this gulf region is BAD. Been here about a decade and not much improvements over the years in certain sectors. Read Gulf offers 'bad' customer service - 56% poll.
Recently, I had a major 'battle' with a satellite TV operator for double charging me after installing a new and an additional smart decoder at home. During scheduling the appointment, the customer service agent insisted that I must pay cash for the installation. I agreed and paid the technician cash with some tips.

Few days later, I was slapped with the same charge in my credit card bill.
I was furious and called the customer service to rectify the error. The agent promised to call me the next day to update the status.
She never did and I had been calling everyday about the same issue and had to repeat my case all over again up to ten days later. It was frustrating episode when this TV satellite operator monthly rate is not cheap and the only reason I have been the subscriber is because of the English Premier League live telecasts for my kids.
I had enough of incessant poor customer service as well as "I will call u tomorrow" broken promises. Yesterday, I emailed to the supervisor as well as local newspapers with nasty contents.

Minutes later, the boss called to apologize and just received his note:-

Dear Mr. Fudzail,

Thank you for contacting SXXXXXX Feedback. Further to your conversation with our supervisorXXXXXX earlier yesterday with regards to your billing history, the purpose of this is to convey to you my sincere apologies for the inconvenience you have experienced due to the unusual system error of charging your credit card the installation fee for the SXXXXX decoder.

The installation request was updated that the amount of AED XXX/- will be paid cash prior to the scheduled installation date the 27th January 2009. It was unfortunate that the same highlighted amount was charged by mistake on your credit card as previously stated due to an infrequent error.

Consequently, we have created a refund request for the same amount of AED XXX/- which will be processed later today by our finance department. The usual time frame required for the amount to be credited back into your account is 3 to 4 working days excluding the weekend gap.

Also as a sign of good will and gesture, SXXXXXX has credited your subscription account the amount of AED XXX/- worth of one free month viewing with respect to your subscription fees.

Mr. Mohamed, let me assure you that what happened in your case is not typical of SXXXXX’s level of customer service. We continue to be committed to providing you and all of our customers with the highest standards of service available within the region.

Pejuang bahasa tetap tolak PPSMI

Malam di Balai Budaya
Malam itu di Balai Budaya
Api dan Air Mata
Malam itu di Balai Budaya
Seorang guru tua berbicara
‘Berarak ke Parlimen, aku di muka’
Malam itu di Balai Budaya
Seorang peguam muda berteriak
‘Ayuh, mari kita berarak’
Malam itu di Balai Budaya
Para pelajar berikrar
“Dada kami sedia dibakar’
Malam itulah juga
Parlimen jadi pertanda
Memenggal leher BAHASA
3 Mac 1967
Dipetik daripada Antologi Sajak Keranda 152
Pendirian tegas demi bahasa dan bangsa Melayu
SEMAKIN banyak badan bukan kerajaan (NGO) yang menentang pelaksanaan dasar Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris (PPSMI) seperti dapat dilihat melalui beberapa pernyataan secara terbuka, demonstrasi, laporan polis serta tindakan undang-undang yang akan diambil.
Di tengah-tengah kehangatan perjuangan pejuang bahasa untuk memartabatkan bahasa Melayu bagi memastikan haknya dipertahankan dan diletakkan di tempatnya seperti tertera dalam Perlembagaan Negara, ada suara di kalangan orang Melayu sendiri yang mempersoalkan tindakan pejuang bahasa, seolah-olah mereka melakukan suatu jenayah bangsa.