Saturday, February 14, 2009

Slum-gangs invading Malaysia

The Malay Mail published the report below. It seems with ever increasing local, legal as well as illegal immigrant turned criminals preying around, both public and the police force may have to be more vigilant.

Our politicians are still fighting for power, our rulers seem have more concerns abut their own survivals, it is not unexpected that our streets and homes are no longer safe for most of us. I am scared, really scared to imagine the situation when the political, government leaders and police force itself have been penetrated by criminals and swamped with corruptions.

How worse will the situation be during this current global economic downturn?

(BTW, when mentioned about Latinos, I have been watching George Lopez series...)

Slum-gangs invasion
Some of the countries of criminals that have made Malaysia their target
Gangsters from South American slums are terrorising Kuala Lumpur in what is a worrying “Latino invasion” that has added a new dimension to the rising crime during this economic slowdown.

While South Americans’ involvement in crime here is not new, their increasing presence poses a troubling question: Why is Kuala Lumpur, thousands of kilometres from South America, an easy target for these criminals?

Police don’t have an answer.

They say these Latinos are involved in house break-ins, car-jackings and muggings, traditionally the domain of gangs from Indonesia.

They come as tourists, check into hotels and plot attacks on their targets.

It is not known how they obtain information on their targets and whether they work with local gangs.

Their crimes — armed robberies, thefts in hotels and public transportation hubs, and even drug smuggling — are worrying the authorities.

In the latest case on Wednesday, four suspected burglars from Argentina, Peru and Guatemala were nabbed at a random roadblock at 12.30pm just before the Rawang toll plaza.

The suspects are believed to have broken into a 33-year old businesswoman’s house in Taman Emerald Rawang an hour earlier.

Police seized a crowbar, two screwdrivers, a vise-grip and a knife from the Proton Perdana they were in.

Also seized were almost RM60,000 worth of gold jewellery, a laptop and cash.

“Of the four men, aged between 27 and 52, two were Argentinian, with the other two from Peru and Guatemala,” said Gombak district police chief ACP Abdul Rahim Abdullah.

He said the suspects were believed to have been in the city for between five to 50 days.

Three did not have travel documents on them while one possessed an expired pass.

They have been remanded till Feb 26 pending investigations.

Past cases of Latin and South American gangs in Malaysia

October 2008: A 29-yearold Bolivian man is arrested after police burst into a hotel room where he had just discharged 94 cocainefilled pellets from his body. The cocaine is worth about RM300,000.

September 2008: Three Mexican robbers' car is chased down and rammed into by Inland Revenue Board Malaysia’s (IRB) chief executive officer and director Datuk Hasmah Abdullah after they grabbed the 58-yearold's handbag at Taman Tun Dr Ismail. A 38-year-old is caught while two others flee.

Aug 23-24, 2008: Two thefts in two consecutive days occurred, both involving Peruvians. In the first incident at a hotel in Batu Ferringhi, an Arab family was having breakfast at the coffeehouse when a woman, dressed like an Arab, grabbed one of their handbags. The father of the family immediately grabs the suspect. The next day, another female guest from a different hotel in Penang lost her handbag when she was going to the reception counter to settle her bill. When hotel security staff check the CCTV recordings, they see three South American men sitting down on the sofa next to the woman and eyeing her handbag.

July 2008: Police arrest two men from Peru for stealing the luggage of passengers. Brickfields district police chief ACP Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid says groups originating from South America are behind the luggage thefts at KL Sentral.

April 2008: Police arrest four Peruvian members of the “Peru Gang” said to be responsible for a spate of burglaries in Ampang.

January 2008: Brickfields police arrest three Colombians 12 hours after they break into a businessman’s house in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

July 2006: A Colombian man and a local woman are charged with breaking into the house of then Umno Ampang division Puteri chief Haslinda Mohd Zeraim in Taman Sri Ukay and stealing a laptop computer, a digital camera and jewellery worth RM10,000.

May 2005: Police bust a gang of four Peruvian men who stole laptops from passengers at the KL International Airport. Their modus operandi was to work in pairs, and while one of them chatted with the victim, the other would steal the laptop.

P. Ramlee Yang Derhaka kepada Sultan

Sesungguhnya seniman agung P.Ramle memang 'agung' dengan imuniti besar kerana biar berkali-kali menghina, mengutuk dan melecehkan Sultan, tiada siapa berani berkata aruah seorang yang menderhaka.

Malah P.Ramlee pernah menyamakan Sultan dengan setan dalam Seniman Bujang Lapuk.
Klasik sekali. Filem-filem aruah terus menjadi evergreen dan tidak jemu di tonton berulang kali. Juga isinya sesuai untuk sepanjang zaman.

Dalam adegan Seniman Bujang Lapuk ini, sultan dipanggil setan, perdana menteri dipanggil bahlol, bodoh dan tuk nujum (apakah ini sama taraf dengan mufti...) menjadi tukang rujuk yang nampak lurus tetapi rasanya kelentong lebih.

Diluar filem, menurut cerita P. Ramlee pernah diharamkan menjejak kaki di Perak pada satu masa kerana mengahwini janda Sultan Perak, Norizan.

Kebetulan, tarikh aruah meninggal dunia bersamaan dengan tarikh hari lahir saya.

Sultan who is celebrating his 60th years in power

I read the statement of Sultan Selangor on 'don't be rude'. His aruah father was among the longest serving sultans. However, there is another sultan or emir who makes it longer.

On February 12, His Highness Shaikh Saqr Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and the Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, celebrated his sixtieth year as ruler of the emirate. He is the longest serving ruler in the Arab world by many years, and worldwide the only ruler to have served longer than him is the King of Thailand.

When Shaikh Saqr came to power in 1949, the world was a very different place and Ras Al Khaimah was many years from the economic and social development that it now enjoys. Shaikh Saqr has been the single driving force behind all that Ras Al Khaimah has achieved and is responsible for its unique development.

Shaikh Saqr also was instrumental in helping to form the United Arab Emirates and while his ongoing negotiations with the other rulers did not permit Ras Al Khaimah to join the UAE with the other six founding emirates in December 1971, the emirate joined the federation in February 1972.