Tuesday, March 08, 2011

100 Most Powerful Arab Women 2011

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Rank Name Company Industry Country
1 HE Sheikha Lubna bint Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi UAE Ministry of Foreign Trade Government UAE/UAE
2 Lubna Olayan Olayan Financing Company Banking & Finance Saudi Arabia/Saudi Arabia
3 Salma Hareb JAFZA and EZW Construction & Industry UAE/UAE
4 Leila El Solh Alwaleed Bin Talal Humanitarian Foundation, Lebanon Culture & Society Lebanon/Lebanon
5 Lama Al Sulaiman Jeddah Chamber of Commerce & Industry Government Saudi Arabia/Saudi Arabia
6 Dalia Mogahed White House Office Culture & Society USA/Egypt
7 Fatima Al Jaber Al Jaber Group Construction & Industry UAE/UAE
8 Suad Al Humaidi Property Owners Union Construction & Industry Kuwait/Kuwait
9 Dr Amina Al Rostamani TECOM Business Parks Media UAE/UAE
10 Yasmina Azhari Maersk Line shipping services Logistics Syria/Syria
11 Thoraya Ahmed Obaid United Nations Population Fund Culture & Society USA/Saudi Arabia
12 Randa Ayoubi Rubicon Holdings Media Jordan/Jordan
13 Maha Al Ghunaim Global Investment House Banking & Finance Kuwait/Kuwait
14 Dr Hessa Al Jaber ICTQatar Telecoms Qatar/Qatar
15 Sheikha Al Bahar National Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait Banking & Finance Kuwait/Kuwait
16 Nayla Hayek Swatch Group Retail Switzerland/Lebanon
17 Dr Fawzieh Al Dorai Media Kuwait/Kuwait
18 Hynd Bouhia Casablanca Stock Exchange Banking & Finance Morocco/Morocco
19 Maria Maalouf Media Lebanon/Lebanon
20 Dr Nahed Taher Gulf One Investment Bank Banking & Finance Bahrain/Saudi Arabia
21 Muna Abu Sulayman Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundation Culture & Society Saudi Arabia/Saudi Arabia
22 Hafia Al Kaylani Arab International Women’s Forum Culture & Society UK/Palestine
23 Soha Nashaat Barclays Wealth Middle East Banking & Finance UAE/Egypt
24 Maryam Sharaf Dubai World Group Construction & Industry UAE/UAE
25 Raja Essa Saleh Al Gurg Essa Saleh Al Gurg Group Retail UAE/UAE
26 Rajaa Al Sanea Culture & Society USA/Saudi Arabia
27 Aminal Dasmal Alcove Entertainment Media UAE/UAE
28 Noura Al Kaabi twofour54 Media UAE/UAE
29 Rola Dashti Government Government Kuwait/Kuwait
30 Liana Badr Culture & Society Palestine/Palestine
31 Fatema Mernissi Media Morocco/Morocco
32 Hala El Saiud Egyptian Banking Institute Banking & Finance Egypt/Egypt
33 Wedad Lootah Culture & Society UAE/UAE
34 Mona Al Marri Brand Dubai Culture & Society UAE/UAE
35 Afnan Al Zayani Al Zayani Commercial Services Media Bahrain/Bahrain
36 Professor Rafia Obaid Ghubash Arab Network for Women in Science Science & IT Bahrain/Bahrain
37 Zaha Hadid Construction & Industry UK/Iraq
38 Nashaw Al Ruwani Middle East Film Festival Culture & Society UAE/Egypt
39 Tamara Abdel Jaber Palma Science & IT Jordan/Jordan
40 Hiba Jamal MBC Media UAE/Saudi Arabia
41 Nezha Hayat Société Générale Marocaine de Banques Banking & Finance Morocco/Morocco
42 Raghida Dergham Al Hayat Media UK/Lebanon
43 Leila Abouzeid Media Morocco/Morocco
44 HH Sheikha Hessa Bint Saad Al Sabah Arab Business Women's Council Culture & Society Kuwait/Kuwait
45 Sonia Ziamni Algiers Medina Project Construction & Industry Algeria/Algeria
46 Wajeha Al Huweider Media Saudi Arabia/Saudi Arabia
47 Dr Basmah Mosleh Omair Al Sayedah Khadijah Businesswomen Centre Culture & Society Saudi Arabia/Saudi Arabia
48 Nadine Labaki Media Lebanon/Lebanon
49 Ingie Chalhoub Etoile Group/INGIE Paris Retail UAE/UAE
50 Noor Sweid Depa United Group Construction & Industry UAE/UAE
51 Mona Eltahawy Media USA/Egypt
52 Donna Sultan KEO International Consultants Construction & Industry Kuwait/UAE
53 Riham Fouad Al-Ghanim Kuwait Finance and Investment Co Banking & Finance Kuwait/Kuwait
54 Manar Al-Hashash Science & IT Kuwait/Kuwait
55 Hind Sediqqi Ahmed Sediqqi and Sons Retail UAE/UAE
56 Soraya Narfeldt RA International Construction & Industry UAE/Lebanon
57 Raja Makhlouf Culture & Society Syria/Syria
58 Mona Al-Munajjed Media Saudi Arabia/Saudi Arabia
59 Nashwa Taher Al Taher Group Retail Saudi Arabia/Saudi Arabia
61 Randa Al Akkad Al Fahim Holdings Retail Syria/Syria
62 Mona Almoayyed YK Almoayyed & Sons Retail Bahrain/Bahrain
63 Nathalie Handal Culture & Society New York/Paris/Palestine
64 Najwa Al Qassim Al Arabiya Media UAE/Lebanon
65 Dr Maha ElShinnawy The American University in Cairo Culture & Society Egypt/Egypt
66 Lamiaa Fakhry YouGov Siraj Culture & Society Saudi Arabia /Egypt
67 Buthainia Al Ansari Qatariat Media Qatar/Qatar
68 Nancy Ajram Culture & Society Lebanon/Lebanon
69 Sahar Sallab HitekNOFAL Science & IT Egypt/Egypt
70 Nujood Ali Culture & Society Yemen/Yemen
71 Areej Mohsin Darwish MHD LLC Construction & Industry Oman/Oman
72 Lujiana Moshin Darwish MHD LLC Construction & Industry Oman/Oman
73 Israa Abdel Fattah Culture & Society Egypt/Egypt
74 Hend Al Mansour Culture & Society USA/Saudi Arabia
75 Sabah Khalil Al Moayyed Eskan Bank Banking & Finance Bahrain/Bahrain
76 Farida Mohammed Farid Khamis Oriental Carpet Weavers Construction & Industry Egypt/Egypt
77 Elissar Zakaria Khoury Culture & Society Lebanon/Lebanon
78 Lubna Azabal Culture & Society Belguim/Morocco
79 Soha Aboul Farag Banking & Finance Saudi Arabia
80 Cherifa Khaddar Culture & Society Algeria/Algeria
81 Dr Mayada Baydas Development Innovations Group Banking & Finance USA/Lebanon
82 Sulaf Fawakherji Culture & Society Syria/Syria
83 Noura Al Nowais Al Benaa Real Estate Investment Company Banking & Finance UAE/UAE
84 Lilia Labidi Minister of Women, Family, Children and Senior Citizens, Tunisia Government Tunisia/Tunisia
85 Maha Hussain Kuwait’s Petrochemicals Industries Company Construction & Industry Kuwait/Kuwait
86 Hala Gorani CNN Media USA/Syria
87 Leila Al Sheikhali Al Jazeera Media Qatar/Iraq
88 Laila Abid Media Holland /Morocco
89 Sara Ismail Mohammed Al Bashayer Investment Company Banking & Finance UAE/UAE
90 Khadija Ben Ghanna Al Jazeera Media Algeria (Qatar)
91 Samra Al Kuwais Osool Brokerage Company (Women’s Division) Banking & Finance Saudi Arabia/Saudi Arabia
92 Salma Hayek Culture & Society Mexico/Lebanon
93 Reem Acra Culture & Society USA/Lebanon
94 Sheikha Munira Qubeysi Al Qubaysiat Culture & Society Syria/Syria
95 Fatima Shawqi Al Tajdeed Cultural and Social Society Culture & Society Bahrain/Bahrain
96 Heba Raouf Ezzat Culture & Society Egypt/Egypt
97 Sabrina Jawhar Culture & Society Saudi Arabia/Saudi Arabia
98 Alaa Kutkut Sport Jordan/Jordan
99 Noora Hamid Arabian International Financial Services & GM of International Financial Services Banking & Finance UAE/UAE
100 Rima Fakih Culture & Society USA/Lebanon

The dragon in the desert

Some Emiratis have chosen to send their children to a Chinese school, believing that knowledge of both Arabic and Chinese will be a key to success in the coming decades.

One of them is my former boss, Hamid Kazim (was the CEO of Dubai Internet City and Managing Partner of Arthur Andersen Dubai).

Non-oil trade between the UAE and China reached around AED42.6bn in the first ten months of 2010

Non-oil trade between the UAE and China reached around AED42.6bn in the first ten months of 2010

A behemoth dragon-shaped shopping mall in the desert near Dubai has become a symbol of the deepening links between East Asia and the Middle East.

Dragon Mart - 3,950 wholesale and retail shops, stretching 1.2 km, or about three-quarters of a mile, in a sinuous strip alongside a desert highway - is China's trade outpost in the Gulf, selling everything from marble tiles and artificial hair extensions to dried fish and Mickey Mouse telephones.

"I come here with my wife and four children every second week, it's much cheaper and it is a great shopping experience," Souhail Al Zaabi, a policeman from Ras Al Khaimah, said recently. "Today, we are buying a chandelier for our majlis," he added, referring to the traditional Arab sitting room, "not too big, but like crystals it must look".

Farther along the mall, Chinese massage machines were selling briskly.

"I have already bought three tools," said Ali Abdulkader, a 65-year-old customer, also from Ras Al Khaimah, shopping at a Body Care health and fitness outlet. "They are good for my body. I have a massage belt, a massage hammer, and a massage chair installed in my car. It's cheap stuff, cheap."

The Elite Sauna Belt, to reduce fat and decrease joint stiffness, costs AED50, or about $13.50, including a remote control. A Magic Hand massage hammer, usually priced at AED150, was on sale for AED45. Similar European models cost four times as much.

Trolleys loaded with children's bicycles and fluorescent lights were parked at the cashier desk of the Suntour restaurant, where the smell of stir fried vegetables and black bean sauce filled the air.

If it weren't for the veiled women and men in Arab garb, this could be a corridor in any of China's factory cities, crammed with merchandise and the cacophony of electric toys.

Inaugurated in 2004, Dragon Mart, a retail property division of the Dubai government's investment vehicle Dubai World, is one of the largest trading centres for Chinese products in the world outside China.

According to the Federal Customs Authority of the UAE, non-oil trade between the Emirates and China reached around AED42.6bn in the first ten months of 2010, up 3.4 percent from the same period in 2009.

There are almost 200,000 Chinese residents and more than 3,000 companies in the emirates, according to the Chinese Consulate. That compares with an estimated total population in the Emirates of about five million.

"The Chinese economy is resource hungry, and there is a need to access Gulf markets," said Mark McFarland, emerging markets economist at Emirates NBD in Dubai, who had previously worked in Hong Kong. "The commerce with China is a symbol of its rise as an economic power."

"China has been at the forefront of free-trade agreements with the UAE, which is of great benefit to both countries," he said. "Dubai is becoming a regional hub for a lot of Chinese operations that are setting up in the region, but also develop businesses in Africa."

The Dragon is a Chinese symbol of power and strength, and the mall aptly symbolises the growing strength of China's presence in the emirates, where a growing number of Chinese businesses have set up operations and store signs in Chinese intermingle with those in Arabic.

Some Emiratis have chosen to send their children to a Chinese school, believing that knowledge of both Arabic and Chinese will be a key to success in the coming decades.

Hamid Kazim, an Emirati business consultant, has sent four of his five children to a Chinese school in Dubai, where they sit on bright green and yellow stools - most likely bought at Dragon Mart - alongside Chinese, Malay and Brazilian children.

"I am an admirer of China. It's quite important for children to be skilled in different areas," Kazim said.

Chinese residents, meanwhile, are picking up Arabic. "The Chinese ambassador and the Chinese consul both speak very well Arabic," said Hamdan Mohamed, president of the Arab Business Club in Dubai.

"We have a big Chinese community in the UAE... To enter this community you have to speak their language."

A natural global hub for long-distance flights between Asia, Europe and Africa, "Dubai is a great location which reflects this," McFarland of Emirates NBD said.

"A lot of the companies here are construction and manufacturing-oriented. You can envision a big increase in trade between the UAE and China."