Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The REAL Reason Why Gadaffi Was Killed And WHY NATO & USA Are In Libya!

From : NTS

Well.. It does now appear that Muhammar Gadaffi is now dead. There has been speculation for the last while that he survived the so called "assassination" by the hands of the so called "Rebels" in his home town of Sirte, but now even his own sons have confirmed that he died while most probably attempting to flee that city under siege. Now NATO can gloat that they have eliminated the "Evil Dictator" and have "Freed the citizens of Libya" by placing the proud people of Libya back into the cruel world of debt enslavement and criminal Usury!

I and others have been troubled since the US led NATO attacks on why Libya was even attacked in the first place. There was the totally false media reports of Khadaffi murdering his own people, which was proven to be a massive lie. And then there was the totally BS reports of so called Libyan "Rebels" fighting for "Freedom and Democracy" in Libya but in reality were mass murdering thugs and criminals financed by the IMF itself!

For this article, I want to present this startling and truthful video that comes from Russia Today, that I have taken from Poor Richard's blog, at, entitled: "The Real Reason Why Gadaffi Was Killed And Why We Are In Libya". It is absolutely factual and gives what is quite possibly the absolutely real reason for NATO to go and destroy Libya! 

NTS Notes: I for one am truly sick and disgusted to be living in Canada, which is one of the Rothschild controlled NATO nations ordered to destroy Libya like the good slave nation we truly are.

The fact is that the US would not have been able to compete against a Libyan Gold Dinar for OPEC petroleum and it would have spelled economic disaster for the US and many nations that still use the US Dollar for international trade. This is absolutely the reason why the US destroyed Iraq in 2003 due to Iraq shifting its trade from the US dollar to the Euro, and will be most probably the real reason why the US will attack and destroy Iran shortly....

Today I feel for the 50,000+ civilians killed and the 100,000+ civilians wounded in Libya all for the greed of the Rothschild controlled monetary empire. Muhammar Gadaffi wanted to give his own people the freedoms that we have long cherished for, and he paid the ultimate price. When will people finally stand up and say enough is enough and end this world wide debt enslavement system once and for all?...

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