Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Police Drug Lab Scientist Arrested For Purposely Producing False Positives On Drug Test

This is one of the few that got caught. Their background checks are so thorough, that they, for 9 years, never corrected or tested her samples. For 9 years, giving results 3 times higher than an average chemist, never seeing her in front of a microscope and aware that her results were frequently wrong and they never audited her work until now. This is the government you trust!

She lied about having a degree and over the course of 9 years tested almost 60,000 samples. She is guilty of adding drugs to the results, and they didn't even catch her when they submitted tests for one drug, and another drug entirely would show up.
Imagine how many people falsely imprisoned complained over the course of 9 years and they never even questioned her. They just love filling those prisons. She should get as much time as she caused all the people to do combined.