Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fariba, invalid Iranian girl epitome of hope

Fariba Masoumi, 27, is an artist from one of the villages in Fouman , Northern Iran. Although severely impaired and needed always to lie stretched on the ground, due to high hope and belief in God, she has created spectacular work.
Fariba has a family quite unique. His mother took on the arduous task of her upbringing and nurturing for 27 years with the least amount of welfare, and his father taught her the way to life and activity and belief in God by hard and non-stop working.

Fariba's father praying to the Quran

Fariba performing her daily tasks

Reading parts of the Quran is one of her daily tasks

Fariba attending the mourning ceremonies of Imam Hussain, Prophet's grand-son

Shopping interests Fariba
Fariba says she owes hope to The Prophet (PBUH) and his family

Fariba's mother has no easy job taking care of her