Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sajak: Demi Negara

Main golf dengan Obama
nun di Hawaii
jutaan ringgit nilainya
percutian percuma
semuanya demi negara
menjadi mantra kitar semula
yang menambah luka duka
buat marhaen mangsa banjir
berpindah randah dalam kecemasan
yang tentu tidak seronok-seronok
naik jet mewah milik rakyat
bergaya dan bershopping
semuanya demi negara.

Apa lagi demi negara?
Dana derma dalam akaun peribadi
transaksi global 1MDB
memsabotaj penyiasatan 
menyokong rusuhan baju merah
rasisme dan puakasisme
menutup segala perompakan
pembohiongan dan penyelewengan
demi negara?

Kau cakaplah apa sahaja
demi negara
atau demi perut
mahupun demi isteri
kami hanya mendengar
dengan kejelekan terlampau
dan termuntah darah
bagai minum racun
untuk mati katak
pun demi negara!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Sajak: Truly Asia di Petaling Street

Hebat promosi pelancungan
dari niat pelencungan
menutup mega kemaluan
kebobrokan dan perompakan
yang bertaraf glokal dan global
setelah samseng baju merah 
yang diupah dengan derma
tidak jadi mengamuk
tidak bersilat mempertahankan 
maruah politkus bangsat.

Satu planet kenal 1MDB
jenama yang semakin mahal
dengan hutang berbilion
akibat agenda syok sendiri
transaksi penuh skandal
penggubahan wang haram
memamah maruah negara
dan baju merah terus bebal
bodoh sombong tak boleh diajar
dengan bermain rasisme
senjata terakhir yang berbahaya
matlamat survival  menghalalkan cara
pecah dan perintah
sehingga mencemarkan duli
sebuah suasana truly asia
di Petaling Street!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sajak: Berkorbanlah Pahlawan Bugis!

Hari Raya Korban
tiap tahun berpanjangan
ibadah penuh keberkatan
haiwan-haiwan dikorbankan
maka meriah para dermawan
sama ada dengan derma 2.6 bilion
atau marhaen bersedekah kecilan
termasuk 539 ekor lembu di Pekan
meraikan sokongan kepimpinan
sebagai simbol pengorbanan
kekal merentas zaman.

Mungkin lebih berkat
untuk negara dan rakyat
Pahlawan Bugis handalan
terkenal satu galaksi
dengan pelbagai skandal
kebobrokan bertaraf global
perompakan dan penyelewengan
pembohongan dan pemborosan
siri penggubahan wang haram
berkorban penuh tawaduk
segera turun singgahsana
sebagai marhaen biasa
yang insaf bertaubat
menghabiskan sisa usia
kalau tidak sebagai pelarian
mungkin sebagai banduan
tanpa penghormatan.

Berkorbanlah Pahlawan Bugis
berkorbanlah seperti pejuang masa lalu
bukan Marcos atau Suharto
bukan juga seperti
539 ekor lembu di Pekan
tetapi sebagai manusia
yang takutkan Tuhan!

SR: THE REAL WOLVES OF WALL STREET! The Boys From Aabar And Their Friends From Malaysia



22 SEP 2015

Mohamed al-Husseiny signing Aabar's ill-fated Galactic space travel deal with Richard Branson
Mohamed al-Husseiny signing Aabar’s ill-fated Galactic space travel deal with Richard Branson
Following persistent probing from Sarawak Report the Prime Minister’s son Riza Aziz announced last year that the funding for his film company’s US$100 million dollar production, The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, had come from an individual – Mohamed al-Husseiny, the then Chief Executive of the Abu Dhabi wealth fund Aabar.
It was perhaps the first public acknowledgement that the boys from Aabar were signing cheques that went way above the pay-grade even of a sovereign wealth fund manager.
And it also flashed a red alert over a blatant conflict of interest. Riza’s step-dad, Najib Razak, was in the middle of negotiating a series of extremely shadowy, yet eye-wateringly huge, bond issues for 1MDB in tandem with the very Aabar fund that al Husseiny was managing.
High-roller Khadem Al Qubaisi, now in exile from Abu Dhabi in France
High-roller Khadem Al Qubaisi, now in exile from Abu Dhabi in France
What, we asked, was going on?
Now, cases being fought in the courts in London and elsewhere, are throwing further light on the activities of the ex-managers of Aabar, whose connections with 1MDB and the Malaysian businessman Jho Low have already been repeatedly queried by this blog.
The characters in question are al-Husseiny himself and his once powerful boss, ex-Aabar Chairman Khadem al Qubaisi, who have both now been sacked by Aabar and its parent company, Abu Dhabi’s International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC), after a series of major irregularities started to come to light earlier this year following our investigations.
Al Qubaisi in party mode
Al Qubaisi in party mode
Meanwhile, together with their pal Jho Low, they have put the wasteful escapades of DiCaprio’s own film character Jordon Belfort, into the shade several times over.
It is in fact ironic that DiCaprio has become best friends with these wealth fund party-boys behind his movie, because these have turned out to be the REAL Wolves of Wall Street surpassing new records for excess.
On the occasion of Leonardo’s recent birthday bash US rap singer O. T. Genesis (below) went public with his account of the legendary partying of these big-spenders, who have boggled the in-crowds of Hollywood, Las Vegas and San Tropez:
"I have never seen anything like it.. never ever!"[US rap star O T Genesis talks about the money spent by the Wolf Boys at Leo's birthday]
“I have never seen anything like it.. never ever!”[US rap star O T Genesis gasps about the money spent by the Wolf Boys at Leo’s birthday]
“This other guy comes [on stage] he is from er er er … Malaysia. He comes in and he’s like 500 thousand [dollars], so he spent 500 thousand on these big-arse bottles, like $50,000 each Ace of Spades magnum bottle, something like that. So he bought a lot of those, big-arse bottles, whatever.  I’m like what!?  This is not for real what I am seeing!  I’m going like this is crazy! I’ve never seen anything like that…. Then this [Malaysian] guy comes with some African guy and they go halves and spend a million!  We have a million dollars – two guys, $500 each. We have a million dollars on bottles and they announced it on the mike…. I am like this is some real rich shit !” [describing Leo’s birthday party November 2014]
Ace of Spades Champagne - a great way to pour development money down the drain?
Ace of Spades Champagne – a great way to pour development money down the drain?

Court Case vs Aabar & Tchenguiz

Further information on the background to the ostentatious wealth of this circle around Jho Low, Khadem al Qubaisi and their pals Riza and Leo is now leaking out and Sarawak Report has obtained details related to a long-running London court battle involving the fund.
Money, money and the things it can buy - Robert Tchenguiz
Money, money and the things it can buy – Robert Tchenguiz
The cases concern two of Britain’s most colourful property moguls, Glenn Maud and Robert Tchenguiz, who have been battling for years over the ownership of Europe’s most expensive real estate asset, Madrid’s Banco Santander HQ complex, worth a staggering 3 billion euros.
Maud owns the property, but in 2010 Tchenguiz linked up in a joint venture with Aabar to buy up a Euro 200 million ‘junior’ loan on the building owed to Royal Bank of Scotland.  The strategy was to try and use this lever to force Maud and his partners into bankruptcy in order to acquire the building.
The two have taken each other to court. According to court papers Maud claims his rival is dishonestly obstructing him from settling the debt.
There are also questions about whether the UK government-owned RBS bank, which sold this  loan, carried out any due diligence as to the true identity of the consortium which bought the interest.
Europe's most valuable building complex.
Europe’s most valuable building complex – Santander HQ  building, Madrid
This relates to evidence that the Aabar partnership with Tchengiuz was a dishonest ploy, which was designed to hide a bid by Khadem Al Qubaisi to personally make money from the deal using the secret backing of the fund he was supposed to be managing.
It appears to reflect a pattern in the way Al Qubaisi ran the loss-making Abi Dhabi sovereign fund, where he looks to have realised millions for himself instead of Aabar, which he was supposed to be running for the benefit of Abu Dhabi.
The matter highlights the questions over irregularities surrounding further Aabar deals, including those with 1MDB,

Edgeworth Capital – a Luxembourg private company

The Santander building controversy centres around a Luxembourg company named Edgeworth Capital Luxembourg S.a.r.l., which had jointly bought the loan together with Aabar from RBS in 2010.
On a 50/50 basis Aabar and Edgeworth purchased Maud’s loan from RBS for 200 million euros.  It was a structure which enabled them to avoid heavy taxes that accrued in Spain on any transaction that involved a transfer of more than a 50% of the shares of a real estate asset.
Edgeworth purported to be solely owned by Robert Tchenguiz, with minority shareholdings belonging to other third party businessmen.
However, in fact the majority of the shares in this company were secretly owned by Al Qubaisi.
Furthermore, the 100 million euros, which had been borrowed by Edgeworth to buy its share of the investment, had been ultimately backed by a guarantee from Aabar itself in an arrangement with Citibank.
Yet another private bank is drawn into the 1MDB Aabar affair - this time Edmond de Rothschild Luxembourg
Yet another private bank is drawn into the 1MDB Aabar affair – this time Edmond de Rothschild Luxembourg
This was a clear abuse of Al Qubaisi’s role as Chairman of Aabar, in that he was using the fund to give himself a personal controlling interest in this lucrative if dubious corporate raiding venture.
Sarawak Report has further evidence that the trustee for Edgeworth was none other than al Qubaisi’s own private bank in Luxembourg, Edmond de Rothschild, managed by a close contact of Khadem’s, Marc Ambroisien (we have already revealed the bank’s involvement in the $20 million payment  by Jho Low’s Good Star Ltd to Al Qubaisi).
A person who has been following the case told Sarawak Report that the main question now is whether RBS knew about these arrangements when it sold the loan and agreed to continue to act as facility agent and custodian for Edgeworth?
If not, why not?
“Al Qubaisi with the conivance of Tchenguiz engineered a situation where he used Aabar’s financing to fund the entirety of Edgeworth’s euro 100 million acquisition of 50% of the loan from RBS. In a mutually beneficial conspiracy, Tchenguiz posed as the owner of Edgeworth whereas actually al-Quabaisi was secretly the true majority shareholder in clear abuse of his position as Chairman of Aabar.
This arrangement not only disguised Al-Qubaisi’s secret personal ownership, funded entirely by Aabar, of a material interest in this transaction but also provided the platform in due course to fraudulently persuade the Spanish tax authorities that the parties were not “connected” for tax purposes, thereby avoiding enormous tax liabilities” the informant told Sarawak Report.
This was despite both Aabar and Edgeworth sharing the same lawyer, David Ereira a partner at Linklaters in London, who negotiated the buy out from RBS on behalf of both parties, Sarawak Report has established.
The issue reflects far wider concerns about Aabar and its connections also to 1MDB, where at least US$1.4 billion have gone missing from joint power purchase deals in 2012.
The boys from Aabar rode tall as they spent money like water from Aabar - Khadem and Sarkozy of France met just last February as the politician re-positioned himself to re-run for the presidency
The boys from Aabar rode tall as they spent money like water from Aabar – Khadem and Sarkozy of France met just last February as the politician re-positioned himself to re-run for the presidency
Added to that another US1.4 billion evaporated from a later US$3 billion dollar loan, raised as part of a ‘strategic partnership’ with Aabar in 2013.
And in a further development last week the Wall Street Journal identified a further US$993 million that has also been spotted as unaccounted for – a total of some US$4 billion gone missing from the 1MDB Aabar joint ventures!
Last year, Sarawak Report has learnt, the IPIC lawyer and then board member James Sullivan attempted to regularise the situation at Edgeworth as questions started being asked about al Qubaisi’s deals involving Aabar.
Ownership of the company was put fully into Tchenguiz’s name, concealing the fact that originally some 80% of the shares had belonged to Al Qubaisi.
Aabar's mega-investment in the ill-starred Virgin Galactic is now a centre of attention once more. Husseiny and Branson signed on the deal
Aabar’s mega-investment in the ill-starred Virgin Galactic is now a centre of attention once more. Husseiny and Branson signed on the deal
Sullivan left Aabar in April, resigning his positionsat IPIC and Falcon Bank at the same time that Al Qubaisi was sacked from all his positions on the orders of Sheik Khalifa, the President of Abu Dhabi and initially expelled from the Kingdom.
Both men nevertheless continue as directors of the private companies belonging to their former IPIC boss, Sheikh Mansour, who is a younger brother of the Emir of Abu Dhabi and the owner of Manchester City Football Club.
It means they remain powerful businessmen and major investors in Europe and the United States.
Jho Low and Khadem play the Hollywood set in their nightclub scene in the US
Jho Low and Khadem play the celebrity set in their nightclub scene in the US
For example, Qubaisi and Sullivan remain as the key figures in the largest chain of restaurants and nightclubs in the United States, Hakkasan, which is ultimately based in London.
The pair also manage major property and other assets in the United States, France and Europe allegedly on behalf of Sheik Mansour, but clearly to the considerable benefit also of the ostentatious spender Khadem himself.
Aabar, meanwhile, is believed to be attempting to regularise affairs in the aftermath of the tangled web of interests set up by Al Qubaisi and his night-clubbing circle of business partners.
Jho Low with the fictional Wall Street crowd and hangers on.
Jho Low with the fictional Wall Street crowd and hangers on.

Malaysian connections

The growing questions about Khadem al Qubaisi and his circle of social and business contacts are key factors now as Abu Dhabi consider their final decisions regarding their commitments to 1MDB.
The evidence is strong that al Qubaisi’s management of the fund was extensively corrupt and that this extended to the highly questionable deals between Aabar and 1MDB.
The appearance of Robert Tchenguiz in this latest London court case also resonates with other Malaysian and Jho Low related deals, already highlighted by Sarawak Report.
Low posturing at a Virgin Islands 'hideaway' mansion. His dealings with Tchenguiz have also been extensive.
Low posturing at a Virgin Islands ‘hideaway’ mansion. His dealings with Tchenguiz have also been extensive.
The same developer was cited as being involved alongside Jho Low and Aabar in bidding for London’s topClaridge’s Hotel group in 2011, for example, according to documents in another prominent UK court battle.
Further documents published by Sarawak Report show Tcheguiz was also in direct collaboration with Jho Low in a bid described as being orchestrated by Prime Minister Najib Razak to make a US$500 million quick flip profit using collaboration with Al Qubaisi’s Aabar fund to buy up a chunk in the Malaysian bank RHB.
Where else for the Wolf of Wall Street in-crowd to go but Al Qubaisi's Haakasan?
Where else for the Wolf of Wall Street in-crowd to go but Al Qubaisi’s Hakkasan?
The plan, according to emails sent between Jho Low and Robert Tchenguiz, was to then squeeze CIMB and Maybank to pay extra for these cornered shares during their planned subsequent merger of the three banks.
In the event the Prime Minister’s brother, who chaired CIMB pulled out of the merger rather than see his shareholders held to ransom on the insider trade, which left Aabar holding an expensive pup.
Topaz is funded by Al Qubaisi - he Jho Low and DiCaprio cavorted on it down in Rio during the Rio cup - Beat that Jason Belfort!
Topaz is funded by Al Qubaisi – he Jho Low and DiCaprio cavorted on it down in Rio during the Rio cup – Beat that Jason Belfort!
The failure of this ring of gamblers with Aabar’s money to pull off the CIMB deal has undoubtedly contributed to the abysmal performance of the fund, which Abu Dhabi insiders say has now depleted from US70 billion to under US$15 billion under Al-Qubaisi’s management.
Whether Aabar, now that it has sacked Al Qubaisi and his right hand man Mohamed Al Husseiny, who orchestrated the June bail out agreement with 1MDB, will continue to ratify that deal to prevent the bankruptcy of Malaysia’s beleaguered fund remains to be seen.
Without doubt IPIC will be throwing good money after bad if it decides to try and achieve a cover-up of this series of scandals, which now looks set to come under the scrutiny in the courts.
Eat your heart out Jason Belfort - who are the real Wolves of Wall Street?
Eat your heart out Jason Belfort – who are the real Wolves of Wall Street?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

SR: Confirmed - US Authorities Have Investigated 1MDB Since March

Confirmed - US Authorities Have Investigated 1MDB Since March

Confirmed - US Authorities Have Investigated 1MDB Since March

22 SEP 2015

Welcome to America Mr Prime Minister
Welcome to America Mr Prime Minister
Following media reports in the United States, Sarawak Report can confirm that this news site handed over extensive data about 1MDB to a joint US investigation team back in March.
It means that the development fund and its prime fixer Jho Low, who holds American citizenship, have been under the scrutiny of US law enforcers for several months, during which time Low has posed as one of the country’s most generous philanthropists sitting on numerous boards, including that of the UN Foundation and National Geographic.
The law enforcement team, which travelled to London to collect the material, included staff from the Department of Justice’s Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Department and members of the FBI.
Jho Low and celebrity pals in the US
Jho Low and celebrity pals in the US
Sarawak Report has also provided similar data to the UK authorities and the Swiss authorities in recent days and weeks.
However, we can confirm we have received no such requests from the Malaysian authorities, who have chosen instead to incorrectly accuse Sarawak Report of failing to report the matter to the forces of law and order.
Much of the documentation received by the US and other jurisdictions relates to the 1MDB PetroSaudi joint venture set up in 2009 and it was originally provided by the Swiss national Xavier Justo, who is currently jailed in Thailand owing to denunciations against him by former PetroSaudi colleagues involved in the deal.
PetroSaudi Director Patrick Mahony went to Thailand to denounce Justo for spilling the beans
PetroSaudi Director Patrick Mahony went to Thailand to denounce Justo for spilling the beans
These individuals, currently themselves walking free, include the London based PetroSaudi directors Patrick Mahony and Timothy Buckland.
Neither of these men nor Jho Low have attempted to take legal action against Sarawak Report, despite their accusations of fraudulent reporting.
Together with Malaysian officials and UMNO media outlets, PetroSaudi have instead concentrated in recent weeks on their attempts to discredit Justo and their allegations that Sarawak Report ‘tampered’ with the evidence and supposedly ‘doctored’ documents.
Despite the complete lack of evidence behind such allegations, the Malaysian Government has responded by banning Sarawak Report, issuing an arrest warrant and attempting to place its editor on the Interpol Red Notice list.
However, these aggressive tactics have started to unravel just as the Prime Minister has set off on his first international tour since the 1MDB crisis struck his administration.
Vindicated by the Malaysian High Court The Edge Editor Ho Kay Tat saw the Home Ministry ban lifted yesterday
Vindicated by the Malaysian High Court – The Edge Editor Ho Kay Tat
Yesterday, The Edge newspaper, which also received copies of Justo’s material and reached the same conclusions as Sarawak Report about the missing billions of ringgit siphoned out by Jho Low, was yesterday vindicated by the Malaysian High Court, which ordered the Home Ministry ban on the newspaper should be lifted.
And Najib Razak now finds himself flying into New York amidst widespread reports that he is being investigated over PetroSaudi and also the US$681 million, which Sarawak Report revealed had been paid into his personal account just before the last election.
Najib’s 1MDB dealings with Goldman Sachs are also a major target for US investigators, after the US bank set eyebrows rising over the unusually high rates for money it raised for their Malaysian client.
Wanted in Malaysia, living in luxury in New York. 1MDB's Jasmine Loo has been found!
Wanted in Malaysia, living in luxury in New York. 1MDB’s Jasmine Loo has been found!
And in yet a further development, the New York Times hasrevealed that its journalists have tracked down one of the key witnesses hunted by Malaysia’s Bank Negara to assist in their own investigation into 1MDB’s missing billions.
Jasmine Ai Swan Loo was originally identified by Sarawak Reportas a key player in so-called Project Uganda, the operation orchestrated by Jho Low to channel money out of 1MDB and through PetroSaudi in order to buy up Taib Mahmud’s family concern UBG group.
Bank Negara subsequently placed wanted notices to interview her and her colleague at 1MDB Casey Tan, as well as Jho Low’s key lynch pin at UBG, 1MDB and SRC International, Nik Ariff Faisal Aziz – however, all had gone missing from Malaysia.
The New York Times have now tracked down Jasmine to a swanky apartment right under their noses in East 22nd Street, purchased in 2014 for an impressive $4.5 million.
Found one - Jasmine is hiding in New York!
Found – Jasmine is hiding in New York!
Working at 1MDB has clearly provided rewards for the inner circle of now wanted officials, despite the huge losses of public money sustained by the fund.
Perhaps Najib Razak could assist the remaining 1MDB enquiry by asking the New York cops to pick Jasmine up, so he can bring her back with him to face questioning in Malaysia?
[Sarawak Report remains Malaysia’s only banned website, accused on similar grounds to The Edge of “disseminating false information”.  As the judge pointed out in the case of The Edge, no examples have been provided by the Home Minister as to which ‘inaccuracies’ they are referring to as the basis for their ban and we conclude that it is likewise an illegal restriction that has been imposed on our site. Pending any appeal the restriction should therefore be lifted immediately in line with the judgement in Malaysia’s own High Court ruling].  

Robert Kuok Hock Nien notes on the past sixty years

 Robert Kuok Hock NienTan Sri Robert Kuok Hock Nien (born 6 October 1923, in Johor Bahru, Johor), is an influential Malaysian Chinese businessman. According to Forbes his net worth is estimated to be around $10 billion on May 2008, making him the richest person in Southeast Asia. He is media shy and discreet; most of his businesses are privately held by him or his family. Apart from a multitude of enterprises in Malaysia, his companies have investments in many countries throughout Asia.
His business interests range from sugarcane plantations (Perlis Plantations Bhd), sugar refinery, flour milling, animal feed, oil and mining to finance, hotels, properties, trading and freight and publishing.
Robert Kuok Hock Nien’s notes on the past sixty years
(On the occasion of Kuok Group’s 60th Anniversary 10 April 2009)
(1)        My brothers and I owe our upbringing completely to Mother. She was steeped in Ru-Jiao – the teachings of Confucius, Mencius, Laozi and other Chinese sages. Ru-Jiao teaches the correct behaviour for a human being on his life on earth. Mother gently, and sometimes strongly, drummed into the minds of her three boys the values of honesty, of never cheating, lying, stealing or envying other people their material wealth or physical attributes.
(2)        Father died on 25 December 1948 night without leaving a will. Following the Japanese surrender, he had re-registered the firm as a sole proprietorship. We went to court to get an appointment as managers, permitting us to continue to manage Tong Seng & Co. The judge said that, as there were two widows, the firm and the estate should be wound up.
(3)        We decide to establish Kuok Brothers Limited. In mid-January 1949, five of us met at a small roundtable in our home in Johore Bahru.
Present were my MOTHER, cousin number five HOCK CHIN, cousin number twelve HOCK SENG, my brother HOCK KHEE nicknamed Philip (a.k.a. cousin number seventeen), and myself (a.k.a. cousin number twenty). We sat down and Mother said, “Nien, would you like to start?” I said, “Fine, yes I will start.” To cut the long story short, we got started, and commenced business from a little shop house in Johore Bharu on 1 April 1949.
(4)        As a young man, I thought there was no substitute for hard work and thinking up good, honest business plans and, without respite, pushing
them along. There will always be business on earth. Be humble; be straight; don’t be crooked; don’t take advantage of people. To be a successful businessman, I think you really need to brush all your senses every morning, just as you brush your teeth. I coined the phrase “honing your senses” in business: your vision, hearing, sense of smell, touch and taste. All these senses come in very useful.
(5)        Mother was the captain of our ship. She saw and sensed everything, but being a wise person she didn’t interfere. Yet she was the background influence, the glue that bound the Group together. She taught my cousins and my brothers and me never to be greedy, and that in making money
one could practise high morality. She stressed that whenever the firm does well it should make donations to the charities operating in our societies. She always kept us focused on the big picture in business. For example: avoid businesses that bring harm, destruction or grief to people. This includes trades like gambling, drugs, arms sales, loan-sharking and prostitution.
(6)        We started as little fish swimming in a bathtub. From there we went to a lake and now we are in the open seas. Today our businesses cover many industries and our operations are worldwide but this would not have been possible without the vision of the founding members, the dedicated contributions and loyalty of our colleagues and employees, and very importantly the strong moral principles espoused by my mother.
(7)        When I hire staff I look for honest, hardworking, intelligent people. When I look candidates in the eye, they must appear very honest to me. I do not look for MBAs or exceptional students. You may hire a brilliant man, summa cum laude, first-class honours, but if his mind is not a fair one or if he has a warped attitude in life, does brilliance really matter?
(8)        Among the first employees were Lau Teo Chin (Ee Wor), Kwok Chin Luang (Ee Luang), Othman Samad (Kadir) and an Indian accountant called Joachim who was a devout Roman Catholic and who travelled in every day from Singapore where he lived.
(9)        I would like on this special occasion to pay tribute to them and in particular to those who were with us in the early days; many of whom are no longer here. I have already mentioned Lau Teo Chin (Ee Wor) and Kwok Chin Luang (Ee Luang) and Othman Samad (Kadir), there are others like Lean Chye Huat, who is not here today due to failing eyesight, and Yusuf Sharif who passed away in his home country India about one and a half years ago and the late Lee Siew Wah, and others who all gave solid and unstinting support and devotion to the Company. It saddens me that in those early difficult years these pioneers did not enjoy significant and substantial rewards but such is the order of things and a most unfortunate aspect of capitalism. However through our Group and employee Foundations, today we are able to help their descendants whenever there is a need to.
(10)      I have learnt that the success of a company must depend on the unity of all its employees. We are all in the same boat rowing against the current and tide and every able person must pull the oars to move the boat forward. Also, we must relentlessly endeavour to maintain and practise the values of integrity and honesty, and eschew and reject greed and arrogance.
(11)      A few words of caution to all businessmen and women. I recall the Chinese saying: shibai nai chenggong zhi mu (failure is the mother of
success). But in the last thirty years of my business life, I have come to the conclusion that the reverse phrase is even truer of today’s world: chenggong nai shibai zhi mu. Success often breeds failure, because it makes you arrogant, complacent and, therefore, lower your guard.
(12)      The way forward for this world is through capitalism. Even China has come to realise it. But it’s equally true that capitalism, if allowed
to snowball along unchecked, can in many ways become destructive. Capitalism needs to be inspected under a magnifying glass once a day, a super-magnifying glass once a week, and put through the cleaning machine once a month.
In capitalism, man needs elements of ambition and greed to drive him. But where does ambition end and greed take over? That’s why I say that capitalism, if left to its own devices, will snowball along, roll down the hill and cause a lot of damage. So a sound capitalist system requires very strongly led, enlightened, wise governments. That means politician-statesmen willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their people. I don’t mean politicians who are there for fame, glory and to line their pockets.
(13)      To my mind the two great challenges facing China are the restoration of education in morals and the establishment of a rule of law. You must begin from the root up, imbuing and infusing moral lessons and morality into youth, both at home and from kindergarten and primary school upward through university. Every Chinese needs to accept the principle of rule of law; then you have to train upright judges and lawyers to uphold the legal system.
(14)      Wealth should be used for two main purposes. One: for the generation of greater wealth; in other words, you continue to invest, creating prosperity and jobs in the country. Two: part of your wealth should be applied to the betterment of mankind, either by acts of pure philanthropy or by investment in research and development along the frontiers of science, space, health care and so forth.

Sajak: Tidak Mahu Bersatu

Sama ada 2.6 bilion baju merah
atau 3 juta ahli parti
bercampur pendatang tanpa izin
berarak dan mengamuk
dalam kelambu atau di jalanraya
mempertahankan para perompak
yang bertaraf politikus warlord
kami tidak mahu bersatu
sama-sama terbangsat
masuk dalam lubang kubur
dikencing generasi kemudian
yang hilang segalanya.

Kau boleh terus berlagak
secara retorik atau bersilat
mengangkat keris 
sebagai pahlawan kuno
berbohong, merompak dan sembunyi
dibelakang macai berbayar
atau dibawah skirt isteri
bertahan dengan perisai bangsa
tembok perundangan drakonian
melalui pendakwaan terpilih
mengikut kepentingan diri
tetap kami tidak mahu bersatu
sekadar menghalalkan cara
dosa-dosa hipokrasi
dan segala kebobrokan.

Bersatu untuk survival
dengan pelbagai slogan palsu
propaganda membalut bangkai
noda kabilah elit yang korup
kaya raya dan mewah
dengan perompakan siang hari
adalah pembodohan minda
kebangangan perjuangan mandul
sampa bila pun
kami tidak mahu bersatu
sekadar untuk mati katak
diatas nama ketuanan!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sajak: Bersilat Pulut Satu Planet

Para hulubalang dan pahlawan
berbaju merah dengan slogan
maruah bangsa dan agama
sudah bersiap sedia
untuk bersilat pulut
dan menampar sesiapa sahaja
berdemonstrasi dimana-mana
termasuk gagah berani
menentang yahudi dan zionis
di bumi Palestin.

Mereka juga mahu singgah
di mana-mana rasisme
maruah terancam
menjadi konflik dan perang
dari Myanmar ke eropah
menyeberang ke benua Amerika
yang dipenuhi diskriminasi
prejudis dan kezaliman
terhadap umat Islam
tetapi di Hollywood
sekejap bersilat tanpa pakaian
menampar diri sendiri
sebagai persembahan pembukaan
sebelum Obama dan rakannya
penaung silat pulut dunia
sang pahlawan Bugis wasatiyyah
bermain golf diplomasi
sambil membincangkan
masalah rasisme di muka bumi.

Kata mereka yang bersongkok
dengan pakaian silat hitam
rasisme itu halal
menampar itu senjata
selagi dibawah keagamaan
bukan mengikut setan
seperti mana silat pulut
menjadi benteng terakhir
dalam mempertahankan maruah
memperkasakan kekuatan bangsa
yang tak hilang di dunia
amanat Tok Tuah yang keramat
walau semakin tergadai
tanah dan warisan
moral dan keimanan
oleh politikus yang sakan merompak
selagi berkuasa 
dan disokong sampai mati
oleh mereka yang bersilat pulut

Jom kita bersilat pulut
menampar dan menerajang
setiap yang berkata tidak
kepada kepimpinan bangsat
kerana konspirasi Barat
bersama Yahudi, kristian dan Cina
media sosial dan media dunia
terus menggugat akidah
sehingga kepimpinan bangsa
menjadi bahan ketawa
dipijak-pijak kredibiliti
bersama maruah keturunan
oleh kebobrokan
bagai bangkai gajah
yang tidak dapat ditutup
oleh jutaan baju merah
bersilat pulut!